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April 1999 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Minutes

Biomed Training Room

April 8, 1999

Present: Sam Dunlap (secretary), Craig Haynes, Richard Lindemann, Barbara Slater (chair)


  1. Nominations Committee
  2. Karen Cargille has sent LAUC-SD call for volunteer form to the membership and has received only scant response. The Executive Board recommends she repost the message and then begin making individual requests to serve. The Nominating Committee will present the slate of candidates at the next LAUC-SD membership meeting on May 11.

  3. CAPA
  4. Leslie Abrams reported that CAPA has completed about half of this year's files and that they have successfully used the new form on several files.

  5. R&PD
  6. The group is working on a draft LAUC-SD equipment policy and use guidelines for non LAUC members.

    The R&PD Committee is joining with the Copyright Team to sponsor a teleconference entitled "Digital Millenneum Copyright Act" on May 21 in the Seuss Room from 9 a.m. to noon. The Executive Board discussed various library and campus constituency groups that could be targeted to attend the teleconference. We recommended that the notification be sent to the entire library, and that Tony Wood (Academic Computing) would be asked to attend, to speak, and also recommend people from the university community who would benefit from this teleconference.

  7. UL Search
  8. No update from Lynda Claassen; however, the search is underway.

  9. LAUC-SD Spring Social
  10. Sam Dunlap reported that he will coordinate a no-host luncheon at the Faculty Club during the third week of May, most likely for May 20 or 21. He will send a message to the membership soon so we can reserve time on our calendars.

  11. Gifts

Barbara Slater has identified an appropriate gift for Beverly Renford on the occasion of her retirement. We also discussed the possibility of presenting Kari Lucas with a small gift when her term as LAUC chair expires this summer.

Agenda Discussion Item

  1. LAUC proposal to revise the Librarian Series

The proposal is making its way through the Office of the President. The union reopeners are scheduled for late Fall 1999, and we need to think about the appropriate communication to the union representatives. Barbara will attempt to identify the UCSD union steward responsible for the library, as well as union representatives responsible at the statewide level. Ideas and strategies should be sent to Barbara Slater.

Next Executive Board meeting: May 6, 10:10-12 in the Biomed Training Room

Next Membership meeting: May 11, 2-4 in the Seuss Room