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October 1998 Minutes

LAUC Executive Board Minutes
October 8, 1998
Special Collections Conference Room
10:10-12 noon

Present: Leslie Abrams, Karen Cargille, Sam Dunlap (recorder), Craig Haynes, Richard Lindemann, Barbara Slater, Victoria Williamson

1. The Research & Professional Development Committee is planning a program with Stan Chodorow at the November 17th meeting, 2-4pm. All staff will be invited.

2. The LAUC welcome packet for new librarians will be revised.
We will omit from the packet:
--list of electronic discussion groups and e-journals,
--list of professional organizations,
--LAUC bylaws.

We will update and keep in the packet:
--description of the R&PD grant program
--acronyms list
--LAUC brochure

We will update on the LAUC-SD website to include:
--R&PD guidelines
--a link to UC page of links to professional organizations, or list of organizations

3. Report on LAUC website
Sam will meet with Elliot to discuss organizational issues. We will add Table 33, the salary scale, after the link to the APM, add an additional link to the UCOP page.

4. Volunteers for UCD, UCR and UCSB minute review:
Karen Cargille will take UCD
Richard Lindemann will take UCR
Victoria Williamson will take UCSB

5. Buddy Program
Karen Cargille volunteered to be Sanae Isozumi's "buddy." The other new librarians are covered.

6. LAUC Executive Board meeting 10/23/98
A draft agenda has been issued. One topic addresses the issue of AULs outside the librarian series and their eligibility as members of LAUC.

7 Cultural Diversity Committee representative
Craig Haynes has volunteered to serve as statewide representative and also as local UCSD chair. Barbara will make the announcement at the November 17th meeting. In the meantime, it was suggested that we wait for an Agenda, or Charge to the group from Kari Lucas, before soliciting the local membership for interest in participating with the CDC-SD.

8. Other business
--Leslie Abrams distributed a proposed addition to the "Candidates Self Review" Section, E.4.d (p.14). After discussion we agreed to move the additional paragraph from the middle of the section to the end. This change, as well as other smaller changes (i.e. name changes), will be discussed at the November 17th meeting. Leslie will distribute this document along with pertinent background information to LAUC membership via e-mail prior to the meeting. Debbie Ambrose will attend the meeting.

--Sam Dunlap announced that $200 had been collected in LAUC contributions. We then discussed other options to the USE Credit Union, including a "pay as you go" model where members would be asked to contribute to fund functions as they occur.

--Richard Lindemann has contacted the Faculty Club to discuss various catering set-ups and costs. We discussed the possibility of using our own facilities (i.e. the Biomed patio) and decided to do our own shopping as an alternative for a Fall Social on October 22, 4-5:30, at the Biomed Library (Vicky, Karen and Leslie agreed to help Richard plan the event).

Next Executive Board meeting: Nov. 12

Next Membership meeting: Nov. 17