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May 1999 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Minutes
Biomed Training Room
May 6, 1999

Present: Leslie Abrams, Karen Cargille, Sam Dunlap (secretary), Craig Haynes, Richard Lindeman, Barbara Slater (chair), Victoria Williamson

1. CAPA Update

Leslie reported that CAPA has reviewed 19 files, with 2 files outstanding since they were not due until May (late hires). UL letters will be sent to all candidates on June 1.

2. Update on the LAUC proposal to revise the Librarian Series

The ULs discussed the issue at their April meeting. A LAUC delegation has been formed to speak with representatives of the Office of the President. Barbara Slater will meet with UCSD Vice Chancellor Marsha Chandler about LAUC. Barbara Slater will ask Phyllis Mirsky to comment at the LAUC membership meeting on May 11.

3. Update from the LAUC-SD Nominating Committee

Karen Cargille announced that a slate has been formed for the 1999-2000 LAUC-SD Executive Board.

4. LAUC-SD no-host lunch on May 27.

Sam Dunlap will poll the membership for a head count and contact the Faculty Club to reserve tables.