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My Library Account

My Library Account allows you to:

  • View your checked-out items and their due dates.
  • Renew items.
  • Request books for pickup.
  • See if an item you have requested is available for pickup.
  • Save custom searches and have the results emailed to you.

How to access My Library Account:

  • Visit UC Library Search and sign in.
    • Current students, faculty and staff will be able to use their Single Sign On/Active Directory username and password.
      • SSO/AD login is not available for affiliates that are not currently employed by or taking classes at UC San Diego.  Please use the other sign in option.
    • Users without UC San Diego Single Sign On or otherwise unable to use SSO for sign in will use the second sign in option, using the email address associated with their library account. 

Please contact with any questions.