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Librarians Association of the University of California - San Diego

Founded in 1967, the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC) is a UC-wide organization of all librarians employed at least half time by the University. The formal objectives of LAUC are to advise the University on professional and governance matters, to make recommendations concerning UC librarians' rights, privileges, and obligations, and to promote full use of UC librarians' professional abilities.

LAUC-SD Research Map 

This interactive map displays a selection of the research and presentations LAUC-SD Librarians have done during their time at UC San Diego. The dots show where presentations took place (or where journals were published), and by hovering over each dot, you can learn the name of the librarian, their project title, project topics, and date. Click and drag to move around the map, and use the scroller to zoom in on cities. Many areas have multiple projects that won’t be able to be seen without zooming in – check out San Diego and Chicago! Also be sure to look all over the map – many presentations and research have taken place outside of the US. The map may take a few seconds to load the data points as you move. Try clicking on a librarian’s name on the right hand column to highlight their projects on the map.