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July 1999 Minutes

LAUC Executive Board meeting

8 July 1999

BML Training Room

Present: Karen Cargille, Sam Dunlap (recorder), Craig Haynes, Richard Lindemann, Barbara Slater (chair), Victoria Williamson


  • Beverly Renford sent her thanks for her retirement party and gift
  • UL update: Brian Schottlander returned to UCSD for a second interview

Transition plans:

The LAUC Transition meeting will be on August 12 in the Special Collections Seminar Room. Anne Prussing is willing to join the LAUC-SD Cultural Diversity Committee. Karen Cargille will send a call for additional Committee volunteers to the LAUC-SD membership.

Summer social:

Sam Dunlap will send out an announcement for a pizza social at Round Table at noon on August 12, after the LAUC Transition meeting.

LAUC R&PD program

This is tentatively scheduled on July 29, 3-4pm, and will consist of a program with Marsha Chandler.

Treasurer's Report

Sam Dunlap distributed the 1998/99 report

Annual Reports

Barbara Slater will send the call to committee chairs.

LAUC Librarian Series Revision proposal

Barbara Slater reported that progress is being made and that the proposal is being discussed at various levels within the System.