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March 1999 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board Meeting Minutes
March 11, 1999
Biomed Training Room


Present: L. Abrams, K. Cargille, S. Dunlap (Secretary), C. Haynes, B. Slater (Chair), V.Williamson


  1. Karen Cargille will send out the LAUC Volunteer Form toward the end of March in order to have a slate of candidates to present at the May 11 meeting.
  2. Karen Cargille gave an update on the planning group for the UCR Institute Proposal "UC Faculty and UC Librarians Collaborating in Scholarly Research" which will be held at the UC Lake Arrowhead facility. Karen would like to offer another LAUC-SD member the opportunity to work on this planning group to organize this exciting and important event.
  1. Librarian Series Revision Proposal (update)

  2. As the result of a fortuitous chain of events, the Librarian Series Revision Proposal was on the meeting agenda of the Associate Vice Chancellors in Oakland on February 26. Barbara reported feedback from Phyllis Mirsky regarding the meeting of the University Librarians on March 10 and indicated that they are supportive of the proposal "in principle." The LAUC Executive Board meets in Oakland on March 12 and Myron Okada will discuss this proposal with them at that time. Barbara Slater has talked with John Wheeler (Academic Senate Library Committee) and Phyllis Mirsky has informed Marsha Chandler that the proposal is in the works.
  3. Streamlining of CAPA Procedures

  4. Leslie Abrams led a discussion of the proposed changes to the text of the ARPM and a review of the newly-created forms, Appendices VIII and IX. The new forms provide CAPA and the CAPA Ad hoc committees the option to comment without needing to write a redundant report when there is agreement with the recommendation of the department head. After discussion of the wording, several changes were suggested that Leslie will take to the CAPA Streamliners Group for inclusion in the document, which will be discussed at the March 16 LAUC Membership Meeting.
  5. LAUC Executive Board Meeting at UCOP on March 12

  6. Barbara Slater distributed the agenda via e-mail and highlighed the major events of this meeting. Myron Okada will be available for 1 hour to answer questions. There will also be discussion of the official LAUC statewide website, now housed at OP. Only one person is authorized to update the site. We need clarification as to what documents and information should be made available centrally, and what individual LAUC divisions should provide on their own websites.
  7. LAUC Spring Social possibilities

  8. Sam Dunlap will coordinate a no host lunch at the Faculty Club in May and send out an announcement on e-mail.
  9. Beverly Renford's retirement

  10. LAUC-SD will join in a BML hosted party for Beverly and will not host a separate party (per Beverly's wishes). LAUC-SD will present Beverly with a small gift and card wishing her well. Barbara will purchase the gift and card.
  11. Agenda building for the membership meeting on March 16.