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October 1995 Minutes

       LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting minutes (10/17/95)

Present: Karen Cargille (chair), Tammy Dearie, Joanne Donovan,
Elliot Kanter, Elizabeth Robinson (recorder), Barbara
Absent: Lynda Claassen, Kari Lucas


1. Karen distributed Beverly's thank you card to the Executive
Board for the October 6 social.

2. Joanne reported that the Research and Professional Development
Committee had recently declined to fund an individual's request
for professional development travel money. The travel was not
related to any LAUC research project.

3. Karen gave a summary of the October LAUC Statewide Executive
Board meeting. Highlights included:

* There will be one Assembly this fiscal year instead of
two. It will be held May 13-15, 1996 at UCI. One day will be
devoted to the Statewide Executive Board meeting and the rest for
the assembly itself.
* The next Statewide Executive Board meeting will be
December 8. There will be another in March 1996 which may be done
as a videoconference.
* The Ad Hoc Committee on Scholarly Information is a nine-
campus committee primarily formed to develop a homepage to
highlight information technology issues for the University's
faculty, staff, and students. Karen will make a call for
volunteers for UCSD's representative.
* Gary Peete reported on his talk with Acting Provost Weiss
wherein they discussed salary bifurcation, the scholarly
information Webpage, serving non-campus clientele (30% + of
patrons), and problems with Library Council meetings.
* The Ad Hoc Committee on LAUC Archives discussed somewhat
the potential for an electronic archives. The issue of a
centralized archives needs to be revisited with each membership.
* Other items discussed include the CINITAP Digital Library,
potential new physical facilities for UCOP, the recent hire of
Stuart Lin as VP for Information Resources, a 40% increase in FY
97/98 for library operating budgets, an upcoming presentation
before the UC Regents to clarify librarians' information
technology role, a survey comparing UC librarian salaries to
those at other comparable institutions, a bylaws election in the
near future, review of committee charges, and the possibility of
an ad hoc committee to discuss UC centralized cataloging
(decision to leave said with HOTS).


1. Liz brought to the group's attention a concern forwarded by
Duffy Tweedy as regards the use of LAUC contributions for
purposes other than the customary socials and professional
affairs. Duffy was concerned about money potentially being used
for non-library-related items. The board agreed that such use of
the contributions money should be handled on a case-by-case basis
and decided by consensus (not majority) of the membership. Liz
will draft a statement to that effect to be later sent to the

2. The group discussed the 10/16/95 email of Jackie Hanson and
Julie Sih regarding the economics department's posting of a
departmental information services manager position outside the
librarian series (_____ Asst. III). The position announcement
only prefers an MLS rather than requiring it. The initial
reaction by the board was to make no comment to the economics
department. However Karen will contact Harold Colson as
business/economics bibliographer for any concerns and forward the
issue to the membership for any further comments.

The next LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting is scheduled for
November 10, 1995, 10 am-12 pm in the Special Collections Seminar