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January 1996 Minutes

 LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting minutes (1/12/96)

Present: Karen Cargille (chair), Lynda Claassen, Tammy Dearie,
Joanne Donovan, Elliot Kanter, Kari Lucas, Elizabeth
Robinson (recorder).
Absent: Barbara Slater.


1. Karen reported on the statewide LAUC Executive Board meeting
held December 8, 1995:
* Gary Peete will meet with the chair of the Library
Council (ULs of UC), Joanne Euster, to discuss the possibility of
the statewide LAUC Executive Board meeting with that group.
* The Office of the President is conducting a salary study,
comparing said of UC librarians with their counterparts in the
CSU system and eight other institutions. This is in conjunction
with the salary bifurcation issue. A report will be distributed
to the UC Vice Chancellors and to LAUC.
* Myron Okada, Director of Academic Personnel (UCOP),
assured the group that the bifurcation proposal was not a threat
to librarians' academic status. He explained that it is an
attempt to achieve parity for UC faculty with their colleagues at
comparable institutions. He feels the bifurcation would be
temporary (2-3 years perhaps) and would be dismantled when parity
is reached for the faculty.
Okada also noted that there is a faculty referendum to
recall the Regents' anti-affirmative action decision. The
decision went into effect 1/1/96 for business contracts and will
go into effect for admissions in 1997.
* Regent Ward Connerly will present the governor with the
domestic partner agreement.
* LAUC's spring assembly will be one day, Tuesday, May 14,
1996 at UC Irvine.
* The group voted 5-4 to centralize LAUC archives. The
archives committee will continue to meet and discuss the
development of electronic archives.
* Actual ballots for elections will remain in paper form
but can be printed from an electronic template. Electronic voting
is an issue still in discussion.

2. Joanne announced the Research and Development Committee will
be presenting two PBS videoconferences on educational technology:
* January 25, 1996 (noon to 1:30 pm) - Educational
Technology, What's new and how to use it.
* February 1, 1996 (11 am to 1 pm) - Educational Technology,
Both will be held in the Seuss Room.

3. Elizabeth announced the Cultural Diversity Committee will
present a program "The Philosophy of Cultural Diversity" with
UCSD Medical Center Diversity Coordinator Angeline McGill-King as
speaker. The program will be held January 31, 1996, 2 to 4 pm,
Seuss Room.


1. Status of replacing CAPA Member. Karen indicated there had
been four volunteers: Susan Jurist, Alice Perez, Karen Lindvall-
Larson, and Tammy Dearie. Neither Duffy Tweedy nor Becky Ringler
(on ballot for CAPA last election) volunteered again. Elliot and
Karen will propose the slate above at the membership meeting
January 16, 1996 and open the floor for other methods of filling
the vacancy. CAPA will delay its meetings until the seat is

2. LAUC Archives recommendations. Karen and Brad will present to
the membership the two issues at hand -- (1) what to do with the
paper-based archives now in-house and (2) how to handle materials
from this point on. The membership will be solicited for ideas.

3. Research and Professional Development grant guidelines. The
group went through the draft revision presented by Joanne, making
suggestions for changes. The R&PD Committee will further revise
the guidelines and bring the final version to the ExeBd for
Jerry will meet with R&PD to discuss the future of libraries
seminar series.

4. Assignments for ExeBd members to review minutes of other LAUC
chapters. The list of assignments follows. Each member is to
forward any pertinent information to the ExeBd. Elizabeth as
Secretary-Treasurer receives mailings from the other LAUC
chapters and will forward said to ExeBd members as is
appropriate. Messages can be deleted at each members' discretion
and will not be archived by Elizabeth.

UCB - Karen Cargille
UCD - Lynda Claassen
UCSF - Tammy Dearie
UCSC - Joanne Donovan
UCSB - Elliot Kanter
UCLA - Kari Lucas
UCR - Elizabeth Robinson
UCI - Barbara Slater

5. Agenda setting for the January 16 membership meeting. The
agenda for the next membership meeting will be as follows:

Announcements - Minutes approved for the November 1995 membership
meeting (Karen)
- CDC McGill King program announcement (Elizabeth)
_ R&PD teleconferences announcement (Joanne)

Discussion - CAPA vacancy election (Karen, Elliot)
- Archives issue (Karen, Brad)
- December 8, 1995 statewide ExeBd minutes (Karen)

The next LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting is scheduled for
February 9, 1996, 10 am-12 pm in the Special Collections Seminar
Room. [Subsequently cancelled; the next meeting will be March 8,
1996, same time and place.]