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November 1995 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting minutes (11/10/95)

Present: Karen Cargille (chair), Lynda Claassen, Tammy Dearie,
Joanne Donovan, Elliot Kanter, Kari Lucas, Elizabeth
Robinson (recorder), Barbara Slater.


1. Karen will let Brad know that he can move the LAUC-SD archival
material currently in Special Collections to Room 506. She will
also investigate extra shelving for the room.

2. Karen will bring before the membership a proposal to move up
committee appointments from Sept. 1 to the beginning of the
fiscal year.

3. LAUC Spring Assembly will be held at UC Irvine on May 14-15,


1. Julie Sih was selected by the board as the San Diego
representative for the Scholarly Communications Committee. Karen
will get in touch with Julie and the other volunteers and make an
announcement to the membership.

2. At the Dec. 8 statewide Executive Board meeting, Karen will
announce UCSD's agreement with the idea of centralizing LAUC
archival materials. Liz briefly suggested only electronic
versions of these materials be maintained for potential greater
ease of maintenance.

3. The group discussed the budget of the local Cultural Diversity
Committee (previous topic). Karen will ask the committee to
prepare a proposed budget.

4. The board agreed to take over coordination of LAUC's Career
Day participation. When appropriate, Karen will make a call for
volunteers. Karen will ask Craig to raise the question of what to
do with the "Opportunities in Librarianship" programs for
students and staff at the Nov. 21 membership meeting.

5. Kari presented the revised versions of sections A and C of the
librarians' review procedures. The group was in general
agreement. The documents will be forwarded to the membership for
further discussion at the Nov. 21 membership meeting. Kari also
raised the question of how to incorporate SDM into the review
procedure. Kari will talk to Susan Starr (librarian
representative on the Performance Evaluation Team) for further
discussion at the Nov. 21 membership meeting.

6. The group scheduled the remaining Executive Board and
membership meetings for the fiscal year. The corrected list is as

Executive Board

December 7 10:15-12 Biomed Instruction Room [sub-
sequently cancelled]
January 12 10-12 Special Collections
February 9 10-12 Special Collections
March 8 10-12 Special Collections
April 5 10-12 Special Collections
May 3 10-12 Special Collections
June 7 10-12 Special Collections


November 21 2-4 Gallery B
January 16 2-4 Davis/Riverside
March 12 2-4 Santa Barbara/Los Angeles
May 7 2-4 Gallery A (slate presented)

7. The agenda for the Nov. 21 membership meeting will be as

- Report of statewide Executive Board meeting.
- Craig's Q to membership on "Opp. in Librarianship"
- Revised sections A and C of review procedures.
- More discussion on the LAUC archives proposals.

The next LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting is scheduled for Januray
12, 1996, 10 am-12 pm in the Special Collections Seminar Room.