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April 1996 Minutes

LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting minutes (4/11/96)

Present: Karen Cargille (chair), Lynda Claassen, Tammy Dearie,
Joanne Donovan, Kari Lucas, Elizabeth Robinson (recorder),
Barbara Slater.
Absent: Elliot Kanter.


1. Karen gave a report of the statewide LAUC Executive Board
meeting held March 27, 1996 at UCOP. Here are some of the

* Gary Peete met with Stuart Lynn, UC Associate Vice President
for Information Resources and Communications. They discussed
funding of the Digital Library. Projects for this initiative have
not been set; UCOP will not provide further funding. Additional
funding will come from the UCs.

* The Executive Board forwarded the UCOP Comparative Salary
Survey to Jo Anne Boorkman, chair of the LAUC Committee on
Professional Governance, for further review and comment by her
committee. Karen will provide copies of the CSU salary survey for
interested LAUC-SD members.

* The Nominating Committee is preparing ballots for the upcoming
1996-97 election for the following positions: Vice-
President/President-Elect and Secretary. Karen indicated she is a
candidate for Vice-President/President-Elect. Ballots will be
forthcoming from the Secretary. The Committee on Committees,
Rules and Jurisdictions discussed election methods via email.
That group leaves specifics to the campuses as long as
confidentiality is maintained.

* Joanne Euster, current chair of Library Council, indicated that
the Library Council will continue to meet twice a year. Attending
members include UCOP and LAUC representatives, deans of the
library schools, and the University Librarians. The latter group
meets monthly and declined LAUC's request to send a
representative to that meeting.

* Other reports were given on copyright issues concerning
electronic resources, interlibrary loan, the Secretary's report
(including the ballot for the upcoming election), the Cultural
Diversity Committee report (including a proposal to catalog
unique collections), and the Research and Professional
Development Committee will make a second call this year to
solicit additional proposals.

* Budget information continues to indicate a 4% increase for next
year with additional funds used to continue to bring faculty
salaries up to parity, to offset increases in student fees, and
to create outreach programs to contribute to the University's
diversity efforts. The new budgeting formula will be to
distribute money in "block grants" to each campus for each campus
to allocate.

* Gary Peete asked for responses to the stipends report by April
15. UCSD will discuss this at its membership meeting on April 16,
and Karen will forward comments to Gary thereafter.


1. Preparation for April 16 and May 7 membership meetings - The
group discussed the issues to be presented at either meeting,

For April 16:

* Status of reviews (CAPA) - Tammy (for Kari) will give a brief

* Stipends issue - Karen will recap the proposal and the previous
positions and ask for further comment. She will then send a memo
forward to Gary Peete.

* SDM language in librarian job descriptions - Karen and Kari
will attend PERT's next meeting to present LAUC's response from
the membership meeting. There is potential for CAPA to make
additions and/or revisions to the review procedures.

For May 7:

* Election (Local and Statewide) - Any further candidates will be
solicited for the local election. Procedures for voting will be

* LAUC-SD R&PD research proposal guidelines - Joanne summarized
the changes made to the document including limitations of one
year to complete the project (if no extensions applied for and
approved), priorites on the use of equipment, requirements of
six-month progress and final reports on the project. Guidelines
will go to the LAUC-SD homepage for ready access.

* Possibility for a LAUC-SD page Webmaster position - Such a
position could be created to deal with creating the electronic
archives of the division.

2. Minutes to GORT - Liz proposed minutes of the various
committees (not just the executive board and membership) be
loaded to the LAUC-SD homepage. She will investigate storage
limitations and the development of the Verity search software for
gopher items. Only other committees producing minutes are R&PD
and the Cultural Diversity Committee. Further development of the
page will be passed on to any future LAUC-SD page Webmaster.

The next LAUC-SD Executive Board meeting will be held May 6,
1996, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in the Special Collections Seminar Room.