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May 1999

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting
May 11, 1999
2-4 pm

Present: L Abrams, L Barnhart, S. Berteaux, A. Butros, K. Cargille, L. Claassen, R. Coates, R. Culbertson, J. Donovan, S. Dunlap (secretary), C. Graham, M. Harden, C. Haynes, C. Hightower, D. Kegel, C. Keil, K. Lindvall-Larson, K. Lucas, J. Reiswig, B. Slater (chair), L. Smart, N. Stimson, D. Talbot, E. Valdez, K. Whitley, V. Williamson


LAUC-SD Membership Minutes from March 16 were approved.


  1. U.L. Search Committee Update
  2. Lynda Claassen will distribute the schedules for the open meetings with the five candidates.

  3. CAPA Update of 1999 Reviews
  4. Leslie Abrams reported that 21 files were reviewed this cycle; two files were not yet received since they involved recent hires. Of the 19 files received, 16 are completed (as of today, May 11) and 3 are in the final stage of review. Five Ad Hoc Committees were formed. Use of new forms designed to streamline the review process was approved after CAPA had begun this year's cycle. CAPA has used the new form 12 times and the Ad Hoc Committees have used it twice. CAPA will expedite the review of the last two files as soon as they are received. Librarians can expect letters from the UL on June 1. In addition, CAPA reviewed the candidate files for the Head of the Science & Engineering Library.

  5. LAUC-SD Nominating Committee Update
  6. Karen Cargille announced that the Committee (K. Cargille, J. Page, B. Westbrook) had assembled a full slate of candidates. Local and statewide ballots will be distributed electronically on May 28 and should be printed out and returned by June 11.

  7. LAUC Spring Assembly
  8. Barbara Slater reminded the membership that the LAUC Spring Assembly will be on May 26 at UC Riverside, and that registration is due soon.

  9. Presentation by Kari Lucas, LAUC President
  10. In her role as President of LAUC, Kari Lucas has been visiting each of the divisions to discuss LAUC statewide issues. The proposal to revise the Librarians Series has been submitted to C. Judson King (Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, UCOP) and it is being analyzed from the financial side. The University Librarians have asked Human Relations to analyze the fiscal impact of the proposal and they are also interested in the lower level of the series as it applies to new appointees. The current Memorandum of Understanding expires June 30, 2000, and contract negotiations will take place soon, with a new contract to begin on July 1, 2000. Kari outlined the complexities of the contract negotiators. She presented information about both UC and the AFT and drew the connections between the UC contract negotiators and UC, the University Librarians, the Council of Vice Chancellors, and UCOP. Kari then discussed the LAUC delegation comprised of Heidi Hutchinson (UCR), Patricia Inouye (UCD), Rita Sherrei (UCLA), and herself, that is making sure that the Office of the President is both informed of and understands the LAUC proposal to revise the Librarians Series and move the barrier (distinguished) step.

  11. LAUC Social
             Sam Dunlap reminded the membership of the no-host lunch at the Faculty Club on May 27 from
            11:30-1:30, and asked people to "rsvp" and also mention if they are members so we can enter in
            small groups.