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March 1999 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting Minutes

March 16, 1999

Seuss Room 2:00-3:30

Present: L. Abrams, L. Barnhart, A. Butros, K. Cargille, L. Claassen, E. Cowell, P. Cruse, T. Dearie, J. Donovan, S. Dunlap (Secretary), J. Hanson, C. Hightower, E. Kanter, D. Kegel, C. Keil, R. Lindemann, J. Page, A. Perez, A. Prussing, J. Reiswig, B. Renford, B. Slater (Chair), L. Smart, R. Sonnenburg, N. Stimson, K. Whitley. Guest: D. Ambrose.


LAUC-SD Membership Minutes from January 19 were approved, with two formatting corrections.


  1. U.L. Search Committee Update
  2. Lynda Claassen will attend a Search Committee meeting today and report back tomorrow via e-mail.

  3. Nominating Committee
  4. Karen Cargille will send out the LAUC Volunteer Form toward the end of March in order to have a slate of candidates to present at the May 11 meeting.

  5. UCR Institute Proposal "UC Faculty and UC Librarians Collaborating in Scholarly Research"
  6. Karen Cargille reported that the first meeting of the planning committee was held and that she would like to offer another LAUC-SD member the opportunity to assist with organizing this interesting and important event that will be held at the UC Lake Arrowhead faciltiy. LAUC-SD members with an interest in participating should contact Karen for more information.

  7. LAUC-SD R&PD Equipment discussion
  8. Jenny Reiswig led a discussion of booking and use of LAUC-SD computer equipment. The question was whether or not non LAUC-SD members could use the equipment. The equipment was purchased with LAUC-SD R&PD funds for use by LAUC-SD members. There were a number of concerns expressed, including whether a LAUC-SD member might be prohibited from using equipment because it was already in use by non LAUC-SD members. If non LAUC-SD members are allowed to use the equipment, would LAUC members have recall priviledges?

    There was general agreement that LAUC equipment should be used for library business. Jenny will take this issue back to the R&PD Committee for further action and produce a draft document of use guidelines to bring back to the LAUC membership for discussion.

  9. CAPA Streamlining Task Force
  10. Leslie Abrams led a discussion of proposed changes to the ARPM and presented newly-created forms, Appendices VIII and IX. The new forms provide CAPA and the CAPA Ad Hoc Committees the option to comment without needing to write a redundant report when there is agreement with the recommendation of the department head and/or the Ad Hoc Committee. The appendices are intended for use when there is not merely "agreement," but "unanimous agreement." There was general agreement among LAUC members that these forms are a good idea and will allow CAPA to devote time and energy to the files that need special attention. The use of these forms will also address the original intention of the proposed streamling and will promote equity among files at the same level and also give adequate and meaningful feedback to the person being reviewed. The LAUC membership agreed that the forms should be used for the review cycle beginning December 1999, but then agreed that they should be used for the remainder of this year's review cycle and applied to the files currently under review by CAPA. This will allow CAPA to report on their effectiveness in their 1999 report.

    Barbara Slater expressed her personal thanks to the CAPA Streamlining Group: Dawn Talbot, Maureen Harden, Debra Ambrose, Tammy Dearie, Lynda Claassen, and Leslie Abrams.

  11. LAUC Statewide Board Meeting (3-12-99)
  12. Barbara Slater distributed the agenda via e-mail and highlighed the major events of this meeting. Myron Okada will be available for one hour to discuss the Librarian Series Revision Proposal, which in a fortuitous turn of events, was on the February 26 agenda of the Associate Vice Chancellors in Oakland.

    There will also be discussion of the official LAUC statewide website, now housed at OP. Only one person is authorized to update the site. We need clarification as to what documents and information should be made available centrally, and what individual LAUC divisions should provide on their own websites.

  13. LAUC Spring Social

Sam Dunlap will coordinate a no host lunch at the Faculty Club in May and send out an announcement on e-mail.

Other business:

  1. Barbara announced that Kari Lucas had distributed a FAQ to the Librarian Series Revision Proposal.
  2. Kari Lucas is considering a panel at the May 26th LAUC Spring Assembly at UCR on the topic of the "distinguished" step.