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November 1998 Minutes

LAUC Membership Meeting Minutes

17 November 1998

2-4 p.m.

Seuss Room

Present: L.Abrams, L.Barnhart, K.Cargille, J.Church, L.Claassen, E.Cowell, P.Cruse, R.Culbertson, J.Donovan, S.Dunlap (secretary), C.Graham, J.Hanson, M.Harden, C.Haynes, C.Hightower, S.Jurist, E.Kanter, D.Kegel, C.Keil, R.Lindemann, K.Lindvall-Larson, K.Lo, K.Lucas, A.Perez, A.Prussing, B.Renford, B.Slater, R.Sonnenburg, D.Talbot, V.Williamson.

Guest: Debra Ambrose.

The first hour consisted by a presentation by Stan Chodorow on the California Virtual University.

2-4 p.m. Business Meeting

Minutes from 9/22/98 were approved.


  1. Craig Haynes is the Cultural Diversity Committee Representative.
  2. Craig Haynes announced a CDC "lunch and learn" event on 12/9/98 from 12:30-1:30 in the Seuss Room. Ramon Gutierrez (Ethnic Studies) will speak on "Ethnic Studies: National Trends, Local Realities." Light Refreshments will be served. RSVP to Craig Haynes is requested by December 4, 1998.
  3. Assembly dates announced:

Fall, 12/11/98 at UCSF

Spring 5/26/99 at UCR

Discussion items:

  1. CAPA:
  2. Leslie Abrams and Debra Ambrose outlined proposed clarifications and wording changes to the ARPM. Wording was agreed upon and changes will be incorporated into the ARPM.

  3. C. Judson King memo regarding salary ranges:
  4. At the request of Kari Lucas, LAUC President, the membership discussed a copy of the letter to the chancellors from C. Judson King (Provost and Senior Vice President-Academic Affairs) requesting a formal review of the proposed salary ranges for the Assistant and Associate University Librarian (AUL) series. Spirited discussion outlined arguments both for and against the proposal. Barbara Slater will summarize the arguments and forward them to Kari Lucas by 11/23.

  5. Academic Senate Library Committee Representation:

A proposal was made to extend the LAUC member’s term on the Committee from the current one-year appointment to a two-year appointment. The argument in favor of the change is to permit greater continuity and effective participation with the Committee. The committee meets twice or three times each year. There has not traditionally been competition among LAUC-SD members to fill this position. Kari Lucas made a motion to extent the appointment; it was seconded by Elliot Kanter and carried. Barbara Slater will ask Lynda Claassen to continue serving on the Committee for one more year.

Meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.