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Executive Board & Committee Roster - 1999/2000


Chair      Barbara Slater 534-1196
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Harold Colson 534-0619
Secretary/Treasurer Elizabeth Cowell 534-6819
Member-at-Large Sanae Isozumi 534-1224
Delegate Amy Butros 534-1199
Immedated Past Chair none     

CAPA (2 year terms)

Anne Prussing, Chair      (2nd year)      534-2229
Linda Barnhart (2nd year) 534-6759
Craig Haynes (1st year) 533-6520
Brad Westbrook (1st year) 534-6766


Cultural Diversity

                Craig Haynes, Chair
                Karl Lo
                Anne Prussing

Nominations/Elections (one year appointments)

                Tammy Dearie, Chair
                Garrett Bowles
                Julie Page

Research and Professional Development (two year appointment)

                Chair appointment pending
                Lynda Claassen (1st year)
                Jim Church (1st year)
                Karen Lindvall-Larson (1st year)
                Nancy Stimson (1st year)
                Christy Hightower ( 2 nd year)
                Joanne Donovan (2nd year)
                Susan Jurist (2nd year)

UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee

                Lynda Claassen

LAUC-SD Webmaster

               Elizabeth Cowell


Committee on Committees Rules and Jurisdiction

                Peter Brueggeman (new two year appointment)

Committee on Library Plans and Policies

                Susan Berteaux (1st year)

Committee on Professional Governance

                Jenny Reiswig (1st year)

Committee on Cultural Diversity

                Craig Haynes (2nd year)

Research and Professional Development

                Susan Jurist (2nd year)

Scholarly Communication Web Page Editorial Committee

                Elliot Kanter (2nd year)