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Executive Board & Committee Roster - 2004/2005


Chair Mary Linn Bergstrom 534-1214
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Peter Brueggeman 534-1230
Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Williams 822-2218
Member-at-Large Adolfo Tarango 822-3594
Delegate James R. Jacobs 534-1266
Immediate Past Chair Sam Dunlap 534-6443

CAPA (2 year term)

Becky Culbertson, Chair (2nd year) 
Jim A. Jacobs (1st year)
Elliot Kanter (1st year)
Julie Page (2nd year)

Local Committees (Appointed by LAUC Chair):

Diversity (2 year term):

Ken Calkins (1st year)
Shi Deng (1st year)
Tony Harvell, Chair (2nd year)
Lis Leonard (1st year)
Alice Perez (2nd year)

Nominations/Elections (1 year term):

Sam Dunlap, Chair
Susan Jurist
Nancy Stimson

Research and Professional Development (2 year term):

Jim Cheng (2nd year)
Lynda Claassen (2nd year)
Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Co-chair, statewide rep.(3rd year)
Tony Harvell (1st year)
Sue McGuiness, Co-chair (3rd year)
Marlo Young (1st year)


UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee 

Barbara Slater

LAUC-SD Webmaster

Jeff Williams