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LAUC-SD Roster 2006/2007


Chair Tammy Dearie 534-0733
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Duffy Tweedy 822-4810
Secretary/Treasurer Holly Eggleston 534-9668
Member-at-Large Marlo Young 822-4803
Delegate Jim Cheng 534-7788
Immediate Past Chair Peter Brueggeman 534-1230

Committee on Appointment, Promotion, & Advancement - CAPA (elected, 2 year term)

Leslie Abrams , Chair (2nd year) 
Linda Barnhart (1st year)
Tony Harvell (1st year)
Sue McGuinness (2nd year)

Local Committees (Appointed by LAUC-SD Chair):

Diversity (2 year term):

 Arwen Hutt, Chair (2nd year)
Jim Cheng (1st year
Lia Friedman (1st year)
Alanna Aiko Moore (1st year)
Dan Suchy, Statewide Rep. (2nd year)



Duffy Tweedy, Chair (2nd year)
Penny Coppernoll-Blach (1st year)
Craig Haynes (1st year)
Esteban Valdez (2nd year)

Nominations/Elections (1 year term):

Peter Brueggeman, Chair
Lynda Claassen
Harold Colson

Research and Professional Development - R&PD (2 year term):

Harold Colson, Co-chair (2nd year)
Jeff Williams, Co-chair (2nd year)
SuHui Ho (1st year)
Ardys Kozbial (1st year)
R. Arvid Nelson (2nd year)
Alice Perez (1st year)
Adolfo Tarango, Statewide Rep (2nd year)


UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee (2 year term)

Kari Lucas (2nd year)

Statewide Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction (2 year term)

Becky Culbertson (1st year)

Statewide Diversity Committee (2 year term)

Dan Suchy (1st year)

Statewide Professional Governance (2 year term)

Elliot Kanter (2nd year, 1st term)

Statewide Library Plans & Policies (2 year term)

Peter Brueggeman (2nd year, first term)

LAUC-SD Webmaster (3 year term)

Karen Heskett (2nd year)