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Executive Board & Committee Roster - 2008/2009

Elected LAUC-SD Officers

Chair Jeff Williams 822-2218
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Adolfo Tarrango 822-3594
Secretary/Treasurer Kari Lucas 822-4809
Member-at-Large Kymberly Goodson 534-1271
Delegate Lia Friedman 822-2784
Immediate Past Chair Duffy Tweedy 822-4810

Committee on Appointment, Promotion, & Advancement - CAPA (elected, 2 year term)

Mary Linn Bergstrom, Chair (2nd year) 
Alice Perez (2nd year)
Jennifer Reiswig (1st year)
Dan Suchy (1st year)

Local Committees (Appointed by LAUC-SD Chair):

Diversity (2 year term):

 Annelise Sklar, Chair (2nd year)
Victoria Chu (2nd year)

Pat Sarchet (1st year)
Dave Schmitt (1st year)
Gayatri Singh, Statewide Rep (1st year)
Berenica Vejvoda (1st year)



Mike Smith, Co-Chair (2nd year)
Marlo Young, Co-Chair (2nd Year)
Jim Cheng (1st year)
Roger Smith(1st year)

Nominations/Elections (1 year term):

Duffy Tweedy , Chair

Research and Professional Development - R&PD (2 year term):

Susan Shepherd , Co-chair (1st year)
Dan Suchy, Co-chair (2nd year)
Victoria Chu (2nd year)
Kari Lucas (2nd year)
SuHui Ho, Statewide Rep (2nd year)
Patrick McCarthy (1st year)

UCSD Academic Senate Library Committee (2 year term)

Harold Colson (2nd year)

Statewide Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction (2 year term)

Becky Culbertson (2nd year)

Statewide Diversity Committee (2 year term)

Dan Suchy (2nd year)

Statewide Professional Governance (2 year term)

Peter Brueggeman (2nd year)

Statewide Library Plans & Policies (2 year term)

Peter Brueggeman (2nd year)

LAUC-SD Webmaster (3 year term)

Karen Heskett (3rd year)