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Mentoring Committee

We pair experienced librarians with UC San Diego students and staff interested in exploring academic librarianship. Mentors arranged through the committee offer an inside look at the profession, including more about degree requirements, areas of librarianship, and career options. The committee also hosts educational speakers and programs to help mentees prepare for the profession and for a successful and rewarding future in academic libraries.

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Graduate Internship Program

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As inquiries are received from those seeking to be mentored, the committee will contact individuals related to the mentee’s professional interests. If contacted, please consider this opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with the next generation of new librarians!


  1. Create a venue through which formal and informal mentoring relationships are fostered, allowing primarily Library staff and student employees interested in a career in libraries to observe, interact, and receive support and feedback from appropriate mentors.
  2. Identify, compile, and make available resources that support the pursuit of a career in academic libraries.
  3. Support the UC San Diego Library Internship Program and monitor disbursement of all funds made available for the administration of the program.

Annual Reports

2022-23 | 2021-22 

The most recent 2 years are included here. LAUC-SD members can access prior reports on the Library's intranet.


The current year is included here. LAUC-SD members can access prior Mentoring membership on the Library's intranet.

Librarian Term
Annelise Sklar 2023-2024 Chair
2022-2023 Member
Abby Pennington 2023-2025
Kymberly Goodson 2021-2025
Penny Coppernoll-Blach 2019-2025
Reid Otsuji 2021-2023
Natalie Tagge 2022-2024
Abby Pennington 2023-2025 Internship Coordinator, ex officio

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