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Academic Review Policies & Guidelines

Academic Status

Librarians are academic appointees at the University of California. Academic status confers privileges, rights, and responsibilities upon librarians as professional employees whose work is closely related to the teaching and research functions of the University. Based on academic traditions of autonomy and sustained professional growth, University support of professional development, self-governance, and discretionary use of time in the fulfillment of responsibilities reflect this distinction. Therefore, academic status includes but is not limited to: the freedom to perform a range of functions within the profession, a choice of avenues for professional development, performance evaluation based on activities relevant to the profession, review by one's peers, and job security as stated in University policies and contracts.

Peer Review

Librarians, like other academic staff, are evaluated for appointment, advancement, and promotion by committees of their peers, which are elected or appointed at each of the campus divisions. As with faculty, librarians are required to progress through the three ranks in the librarian series: Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian, and Librarian. Librarians are evaluated on the basis of professional competence and quality of service rendered within the library and, to the extent that they are relevant, one or more of the following: professional activity outside the library; University and public service; and research and other creative activity.

Authorized salary scales for this series are issued by the University of California Office of the President.


For LAUC-SD Librarians:

All Academic Review materials are posted on LiSN (staff only), under Library Human Resources > Academic Review.

For LAUC Librarians or others:

To request access to our training material, please contact our current Web Manager listed under LAUC-SD Executive Board.