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February 2001 Minutes

Membership Meeting

February 20, 2001
2-4 p.m.
Seuss Room, Geisel Library

Present: L. Abrams, D. Ambrose, ML Bergstrom, S. Berteaux, K. Cargille, J. Church, H. Colson (chair), E. Cowell, B. Culbertson, T. Dearie, M. Din, J. Donovan, S. Dunlap, J. Hanson, M. Harden, C. Haynes, D. Hoffman, S. Isozumi, E. Kanter, D. Kegel, C. Keil, Steve Lawson, K. Lucas, R. McBride, B. Miller, P. Mirsky, K. Peterson, A. Prussing, J. Reiswig, B. Schottlaender, B. Slater, S. Starr, N. Stimson, E. Valdez, V. Williamson, L. Galván-Estrada (secretary/recorder)

  • Welcome to Steve Lawson, part-time at S&E and Special Collections.
Special Guest Presentation: Dyanne Hoffman, "Librarians and Development"

Special Guest Presentation: Dyanne Hoffman, "Librarians and Development"

D. Hoffman spoke on what development means as opposed to the more general term "fund raising." Development involves building long-term relationships with those that wish to support us and invest in UCSD. She thinks that public relations is as important as actual solicitations when building a development program. Each person at the Libraries is part of our public relations team. UCSD's capital campaign is launching a leadership phase, with an overall goal of $1 billion; the library's goal is about $30 million.

  • Some tips she gave when we (library staff) are approached about possible gifts, even if they are gifts we don't accept (such as textbooks):
  • Thank the person for thinking of UCSD when they think of making a donation. We are grateful for the support of our community.
  • We are the region's premiere academic library so we need the most recent, relevant, material. (We cannot use out-of-date materials.)
  • Suggest another place they might contact to donate their material (local libraries, public schools, Cal State San Marcos which is building a collection.)
  • B.E.C. Schottlaender would like to hear when someone says something good about the library (quotes from our users, faculty and students, are very valuable). These will be used in various Libraries publications.
  • B.E.C. Schottlaender would like us to have our own library logo pins.
CAPA and LHR Updates - C. Haynes & LHR
  • C. Haynes reported that CAPA is currently meeting 2-4pm on Wednesdays. To date, no review files have been evaluated. However, LHR indicated there is one file ready for CAPA's review. CAPA has reviewed two appointment files. Haynes asked the membership if the changes in this year's calendar were helpful, e.g., the meetings 'bye-week' and the February 1 deadline for candidates' self-review. Members (both candidates and review initiators) expressed generally positive comments regarding these changes. CAPA will formulate a more formal survey at the end of this review cycle to determine whether these calendar revisions should continue. One suggestion was to send a reminder of deadlines to the membership.
  • 21 librarians transitioned last year (7 non-represented and 14 represented) to the Oct. 1, 2001 salary schedule.
  • 23 librarians will transition this year and 94% will have transitioned by July 2002.
  • All new hires come into the new scale.
  • M. Din will review the options with each librarian that is up for review.
"MOU and You" meeting in preparation - B. Slater
  • The LAUC-SD Executive Board has asked B. Slater to lead a line by line review of the new contract, along with J. Reiswig and someone from LHR. The goal is to highlight changes and implications for LAUC members. She will schedule a meeting(s) in late March or April to report on the findings
Professional Governance Cmte and "distinguished step" - J. Reiswig
  • J. Reiswig led a discussion and distributed material related to the current discussion on the distinguished step (she is on the statewide Professional Governance Committee, currently charged to look at this issue). She distributed a small survey to get an idea of what UCSD librarians think and will take the feedback with her when she meets with her committee. The background material and survey can be found at
LAUC Subscriptions - K. Cargille, R&PD
  • K. Cargille continued discussion on current LAUC-SD subscriptions to professional journals and posed three questions to the membership:
  • Do we want to continue archiving old issues of journals? No.
  • Are there any that can be dropped? Yes, Searcher
  • Are there new ones people would like to subscribe to? Yes, E-Content.
  • If you are interested in any journal(s) being routed to you, send email to Donald Sullivan. [Instructions on routing will be added to the package that is distributed to new librarians.]
Updates from statewide Executive Board - H. Colson
  • Bylaws revisions passed overwhelmingly and have been sent to President Atkinson.
  • Search committee for R. Lucier's replacement is being formed (there is LAUC representation and B.E.C. Schottlaender is one of the two ULs on the committee).
  • A. Duda is new LAUC website manager and has already implemented some changes based on input from statewide executive board.
  • LAUC received a response from Judd King to the resolution about encouraging UC administrators to consider library buildings as they work on their capital planning process that was made at the Spring Assembly last year. C. Palmer is working on a response to the letter. (H. Colson distributed a copy)
  • Melvyl's successor announcement coming out shortly.
  • There was some discussion about the transition of CDL's A&I databases
  • There was a discussion on the collection management initiative (UCSD will have a meeting on this issue on March 6th).
  • More talk on the taskforce for UL/CDL Advisory structures; our representatives are L. Barnhart, K. Cargille, and B. Westbrook. ULs will be talking about this in a meeting in late April so the group will have some of its findings/recommendations by then.
"Seventh floor cozy, north exposure, canyon vu" (LAUC room addition) – H. Colson
  • At M. Harden's request, the current LAUC room will be used by nursing mothers as well as for LAUC-SD archives. LAUC-SD will be getting a new room on the 7th floor to house the laptop, conduct small meetings, keep current journals, etc. H. Colson will be working with M. Mogelinski and M. Harden on the move.
Future programming ideas
  • April 17 meeting will include 1 hour special on "Tempe Principles"
  • Local viewing of video about aging of ARL librarians and implications for profession
  • Marsha Chandler
  • Invite R.B. Miller, as founding UL for UC Merced