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September 2000 Minutes

Membership Meeting

September 19, 2000
2-4 p.m.
Seuss Room, Geisel Library

  1. Announcements
  • Special thanks to Barbara for her three years, going on four, of service


  1. LAUC Assembly dates & LAUC-SD Membership dates, 2000-2001
  • LAUC Fall Assembly will be held Nov 17 at UCB
  • Cathy Palmer, LAUC President, will be coming Nov. 14, 2000 to UCSD Libraries
  • The date for the LAUC-SD June membership meeting was announced for June 26, 2001.
  1. 2000-2001 Committee roster
  • Harold handed out a copy of the most current roster; some phone number corrections were called to his attention. The corrections will be made and the roster will be posted in LAUC-SD's website.
  1. Introductions of new librarians and their LAUC-SD buddy 'assignments'
  • Shanon Lawson, SPEC; buddy is Elizabeth Cowell
  • Jeff Williams, Biomed; buddy is Christina Keil
  • Robin McBride, S&E; buddy is Barbara Slater
  • Melissa Martin (in absentia), SSHL; buddy is Jenny Reiswig
  1. Treasurer's call for contributions (Laura G-E)
  • Laura called for the annual LAUC-SD contributions of $10 by October 3.
  1. Spring Assembly 2000 report (Harold and Amy)
  2. Amy and Harold reported on the June 1, 2000 LAUC Spring Assembly, which was held at UC Santa Barbara (Kari Lucas also attended). The assembly was welcomed by Sarah Pritchard (UCSB UL), followed by the usual report about UCOP-level issues, such as salary. The other major discussion held was about the distinguished step criteria.

    Three handouts were distributed (UC librarians headcount and rank distribution, "Reinterpreting the Criteria for the Distinguished Career," LAUC resolution on library space issues).

    "Reinterpreting the Criteria for the Distinguished Career" is a compilation of policies from the different campuses on their criteria for moving from Librarian IV to Librarian V, plus remarks from Gloria Werner. Sarah from UCSB also gave her personal remarks at the meeting. These are initial steps in a process that Patsy Inouye hopes to bring to fruition.

    Myron Okada reported on UC-wide issues such as: compact agreements with CSU, UC, and governor (4%); consideration to reduce fees for children of employees; tidal wave II UC expects to hire about 7K new faculty (new hires and replacements); UC seek state funding for summer quarter; retention problems in clerical ranges; UC considering enhanced salaries for business, engineering, science, faculty; librarian issues don’t resonate at higher levels; recent revisions to state budget; support staff that goes along with the number of students; no more early retirement incentives; make summer quarters equal to the regular quarters.

  3. CAPA status report (Anne)
  4. The LAUC-SD 2000-2001 CAPA took office Sept.1 (Craig as chair); 99-00 CAPA will complete the outstanding files. This has been the longest year of academic review. Status changes are retroactive to July 1st. Anne pointed out that Brian takes the review process and content of the files very seriously. If you are up for review, make sure your documentation is complete (bio, job description, self-review, org chart), work with your dept head and go to the orientation. This year there were many late files and there are many negative consequences. What can be done? A possible discussion for future meeting.

  5. Other committee annual reports
  6. None; Harold reminded all that committee reports were due to him asap.

  7. UC-AFT and UC Bargaining update
  8. Barbara kept us informed throughout the last couple of years and Harold hopes to continue the same. There have been no recent reports. We are currently in mediation. It was pointed out that non-represented librarians who were reviewed and promoted are now working in the new salary scale; represented librarians remain in the old salary scale.

  9. Updates from LAUC statewide/President
  • Cathy Palmer will be coming to the Nov. 14 LAUC-SD membership meeting (Sustainability of librarianship is her theme for the year)
  • Patrick Dawson is heading a task force to evaluate the current LAUC relationship with UL advisory committees [current LAUC liaisons will comprise the task force]
  • Committee on Plans and Policies is on hiatus this year
  • Scholarly communications editorial board is not a committee and as such does not have a representative from each campus
  • LAUC committee charges to be distributed by October 9
  • The new LAUC web manager is Andrea Duda (she replaces Lee Jaffee)
  • Call for research proposals is out (remember: only one call this year)
  1. Tidal Wave 2.1 - impending librarian hires and LAUC lunches

UCSD expects to hire seven new librarians in the next several months (which means 20-30 interviews). As soon as Debbie Ambrose gets word of an interview, Harold will get a LAUC-SD executive board member to attend and the member will find an additional LAUC-SD member to go to lunch with the candidate. Every attempt will be made to have lunch participants who are not already involved in the interview process.

  1. Debrief and action items from Barbara and Harold meeting with UL

Barbara Slater and Harold Colson met with Brian Schottlaender on August 31. Eight action items came out of the meeting. These were presented and discussed; some were assigned to committees or the executive board for action.

  1. Reception/social planning

It is time to have a social to welcome new librarians. Several options were offered and even more ideas came from the membership. Ideas include: after work at Faculty Club, catered event, lunch at Round Table, bring pizza to the staff room, barbecue at Biomed, reserving a room at Faculty Club for lunch, morning coffee break in the patio outside CLICS. The executive board will look at the ideas and decide on what we should do.

Attendance: H. Colson, L. Smart, K. Peterson, E. Cowell, J. Church, A. Butros, B. Slater, J. Williams, M. Harden, L. Claassen, S. Lawson, K. Lucas, A. Prusssing, S. Dunlap, J. Reiswig, B. Culbertson, E. Kanter, L. Galván-Estrada, C. Keil, T. Dearie, M.L. Bergstrom, J. Hanson, L. Abrams, K. Lo, K. Cargille, R. McBride, D. Kegel, L. Barnhart, P. Mirsky, B. Miller, R. Wang, S. Starr, N. Stimson, B. Westbrook