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April 2001 Minutes

Membership Meeting

April 17, 2001
2-4 p.m.
Seuss Room, Geisel Library


Meeting called to order at 2:05 by Harold Colson

I. Program: "The Tempe Principles in Context"

The LAUC-SD Research and Professional Development Committee sponsored a discussion on the Tempe Principles by Brian Schottlaender and Stan Chodorow. Stan is an Emeritus Professor of History at UCSD, Special Assistant to the (UC) President for Distance Education, and Vice President for Academic Initiatives at Questia. The Tempe Principles address the history of scholarly communications and the rising costs of journal publications. A complete listing of the Tempe Principles is listed at:

II. Business Meeting

A. Announcements
The LAUC Social Pizza Party at Round Table was a success with a large number of LAUC members in attendance. The LAUC budget has enough funds to plan 1-2 more Social events for the summer or fall.

Two new librarians will soon be joining UCSD. Rob Melton is the new SSHL Literature bibliographer, and Ken Calkins is the new Music Librarian. CJK head, Shi Deng, is also expected to join UCSD in mid-June. Their LAUC buddies are being assigned.

B. "MOU and You" an overview of changes in the new memorandum of understanding for librarians (B.Slater, J. Reiswig, M. Din)
The LAUC Executive Board asked Barbara Slater, Jenny Reiswig, and Maria Din to review the new contract for librarians and examine the changes from the previous contract. The result was a document entitled "The MOU and YOU A brief summary of the changes made to the Librarian Unit MOU"

The complete document is located at:

C. Distinguished issues Update ( J. Reiswig)
J. Reiswig provided a summary of her poll. There’s no agreement on this campus or the other campuses about many issues surrounding the distinguished step. There probably won’t be any recommendation from the Governance Committee to implement criteria system wide. The consensus among the campuses is that we not want to bifurcate procedures for represented and non-represented and a position paper on this issue will probably be written.

D. Spring Assembly preview (H. Colson)
The LAUC Agenda has been announced (, and mostly contains committee reports. The ULs and SOPAG are meeting at Irvine at the same time, and there will be a LAUC-hosted lunch with the ULs and SOPAG.

E. Nominating Committee Update (B. Slater)
The nominating committee (B. Slater, K. Peterson, K. Lindvall-Larson) will be seeking volunteers for several LAUC positions, including: Chair-Elect, Member at Large, Delegate, and 2 CAPA positions. Anyone willing to serve should contact one of the nominating committee members. The slate of nominees must be presented 2 weeks before the membership meeting (June 5th). B. Slater asked that the nominations be forwarded by email so a special membership meeting would not need to be called just to send out a slate of nominations. A motion was made, and seconded to send the nominations out by email. A quorum of 19 LAUC members were present, and all were in favor of sending the list of nominations out by email 2 weeks prior to the next LAUC-SD Membership meeting.

F. Next Membership meeting (note change) (H. Colson)
The next membership meeting will be on June 5th. The date change was due to ALA/SLA meeting conflicts. There are plans to present a video by Stanley Wilder, University of Rochester, on "Library Values in a Changing Profession" about the aging of librarians as a professional group. This video was presented to the LAUC Fall Assembly, November 2000.