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March 2000 Minutes

LAUC Membership Meeting
Suess Room

Present: 26 LAUC-SD members

1. Guest speaker Jon Welch from the Office of Affirmative Action spoke about affirmative action and best recruitment practices for the UC.

2. Introduction of Karrie Peterson the newest LAUC member who came to UCSD in February as the U.S. Government Information Librarian in SSHL.

3. CAPA progress report

It has been a very unusual year with lots of extenuating circumstances. As a result, only 2 files made it in by the February 1 due date and only 6 had been received by March 1.

CAPA is operating as if there is no change to the series and will respond to changes as they are made official.

4. Report from the LAUC system wide meeting (March 6, 2000)

a. The Riverside invitational conference on Scholarly Publishing has been postponed until March 2001. The money to support the event as an expense paid invitational was not raised in time.

b. Ann Jensen from the North and Linda Barnhart from the South have been agreed to represent LAUC on the respective Regional Library Facilities Board.

c. Patsy Inouye is in the process of scheduling visits to all campuses. Stay tuned for the UCSD date.

d. The resolutions to thank those involved in the series revision process have been mailed to the individuals. Barbara thanked Kari Lucas, Maureen Harden, Phyllis Mirsky and Brian Schottlaender for all of their work in this process.

e. Barbara Silver has requested to change the name of the Cultural Diversity Committee to the Committee on Diversity to more accurately reflect the charge of the committee.

f. A draft charge to the Archives Committee was reviewed. It is very probable that Brad Westbrook will be asked to participate from UCSD. Brad served on the Archives Committee three years ago that proposed guideline and also proposed an evaluation in 2000.

g. Just the numbers. Barbara distributed a handout outlining the number of LAUC members needed to sustain LAUC activities on the system wide and local levels. There is concern that too many members are required to ensure a responsive and sustainable organization. The discussion of various streamlining followed concluding with a comment on the fact that when the structure was set up, there were many more librarian positions in the system.

5. Update on the bargaining process.

Basic awareness issues for the UCSD campus: there are 32 represented librarians and 15 non-represented.

July 1, 1998 -June 30, 2000 is the effective time period for the present contract. When the end of the contract nears, both sides have the option to propose changes to the contract. If there are desired changes in the contract, both sides come together and negotiate. After a contract is agreed upon by the negotiating teams, the contract is sent out to union members for a vote.

Both the University and the Union desire changes to the present contract. The first negotiation meeting was 3/13-14. The next session was scheduled for 3/29-30.

Barbara then went through the initial proposals from the University and the union.

6. The "fair share" "agency shop" (SB 645) implementation date is scheduled for May 1, 2000 for UC-AFT represented librarians.

7. Update from the ARPM review sub committee

Barbara has replaced Crystal on this committee and will let us know when there is something to report.

8. No other business.

9. Reminders: Spring Assembly is June 1 at UCSB

LAUC-SD buddies are needed: please volunteer to Barbara