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January 2000 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting
Suess Room

Present: approximately 30 LAUC-SD members


Welcome to the newest LAUC-SD member Kathy Adams.

Congratulations to Deborah Kegel and Kathy Whittley for winning the SLA Innovations in Technology Award for the Avanti document delivery system.

The LAUC Spring Assembly is scheduled for June 1,2000 in Santa Barbara.

Reinhart Sonnenburg has announced his resignation to take a position at Dartmouth College. He will be at UCSD through the end of March.

1. LAUC-SD role in Librarian recruitments (Deb Ambrose/CAPA)

Do we want to change the wording in the procedures manual to reflect reality? Currently it states that LAUC-SD will formally participate in all Librarian recruitments when in reality LAUC-SD members take the candidates to lunch and do not participate in any formal way.

This is only one part of the manual that needs updating. The question of who will actually make the changes came up and it was decided that LHR will be the keeper of the document.

A motion was passed to form a committee (Crystal Graham, Debbie Ambrose, Maureen Harden and Phyllis Mirsky) to review and update the document. CAPA will review these changes and suggest changes in future years as part of their responsibility to keep the manual updated.

2. ALA-Accredited MLS requirement in UCSD Librarian job postings (Brian Schottlaender)

Section 360-10a of the APM reads that the background of successful candidates for positions in the librarian series will "normally include a professional degree from a library school with a program accredited by the American Library Association." Our current language requires an ALA accredited MLS. Brian proposed that we change the current language to reflect that of the APM. The membership agreed and wording will come directly from the APM section 360-10a with whatever wordsmithing is necessary for advertising purposes.

3. Report back from the Fall Assembly (Barbara)

Roger Anderson of the UC Academic Senate made a presentation of what he sees as "hot spots." Salaries - recruitment problems, Space issues, Info glut - cost, collection planning, Interlibrary loan, resource sharing.

Karen Merritt came to talk about progress of the UC Merced campus. She had no specific library information other than that the University Librarian position will be one of the first three recruitment on the campus. The proposed opening of the campus has been pushed up to 2004.

There was a suggestion that LAUC assist in the screening process for the Merced UL. This was well received.

It was suggested that members of the UCSD faculty who are involved in the UC Merced planning process be asked to come to a spring LAUC membership meeting to discuss their impressions of the planning process and progress.

4. Updates on the series revision and/or SB 645 (Barbara)

Barbara has received conflicting information about the Librarian series revision. She has heard through one channel that the union has been notified of the proposed revision and through a different channel that the union has not been notified.

Unofficially, it has been stated the our fair share will be 100% of the union dues unlike the 80% figure stated earlier.

5. Discussion regarding LAUC-SD involvement in "big picture" issues like the resolutions that Gary Peete forwarded last week. It was decided that input streams as they are now are probably the best we can do. The role of LAUC was seen as more of presenting the resolutions to the local LAUC divisions and maybe discussing what they mean to us as LAUC members.

6. A call for buddy volunteers.

7. With Reinhart's departure, a vacancy will occur in CAPA.

The membership decided that the nominating committee should approach potential candidates and hold an election to fill the spot. CAPA activities can begin in advance of the election if need be because a quorum exists with three members present.