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May 2000 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting
Suess Room

Present: 25 LAUC members

LAUC President Patsy Inouye presented what she sees as the big issues facing LAUC.

Salary Restructuring, housing costs, criteria for advancement to the distinguished step.

Rewriting of the bylaws and an analysis of LAUC committee requirements in light of CDL commitments

Communicating the importance of LAUC as a library specific organization that levels the playing ground between all librarians to have discussions.

Issues for next year will be to take a look at the peer review process, electronic archiving, and copyright issues.

UC/AFT has asked that the barrier step in the revised librarian series be at the top of the range. The university has not responded.

What is the appropriate level of librarian staffing on growing campuses?

A discussion of low salaries in non-librarian positions needs to take place.

Congratulations to Garrett on his retirement after 21 years of service.

Julie Page strongly recommended self-nominations for LAUC committees.

CAPA Report

17 out of 22 files have been reviewed. 3 files are in process and 2 files have yet to be turned in.

Journal Routing

Lynda Claassen, representing the Research and Professional Development Committee lead a discussion of journal routing in the libraries. The library will no longer be routing. Lynda circulated a list of journals currently routed and a list of suggested purchases for LAUC. Some suggestions were that all paper titles with electronic equivalents be dropped and concern was expressed that if journals weren't routed, the branch librarians' professional reading of titles located in Geisel would be hindered.

ARPM revisions were discussed and edited.