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November 1999 Minutes

LAUC-SD Membership Meeting
Present: 31 LAUC-SD members


1. Welcome to Laura Galvan-Estrada the new Web Reference Librarian in SSH.

2. The Spring Assembly will be in Santa Barbara on June 1, 2000.

3. The January membership meeting has been switched to January 25th in the Suess Room.

4. Barbara met with Brian Schottlaender. They decided that two
meetings a year between the LAUC chair and the UL will be useful to
facilitate cooperation. The meetings will be in the Spring and Fall.
Brian mentioned particular interest in supporting the work of the
Research and Professional Development Committee.


1. Cultural Diversity Committee:

Craig Haynes updated the membership on the activities of the local CD
Committee. The Committee is currently in the process of program planning
for next year. Craig encouraged program ideas from the membership
which can be sent to the Cultural Diversity list. The last screening in
the "Film at Noon" series for the Fall was held on Thursday 11/18. On the state
level, the CD Committee convened in Oakland at UCOP 11/11. LAUC President Patsy
Inouye attended and offered support. The Committee brainstormed new initiatives,
but also articulated the need to take action on recommendations put forth in
previous CD reports, e.g., the two follow-up reports to the Many Voices of
Diversity. The group will videoconference in December to prioritize initiatives
and implement a clear, long-range plan. The Committee also resolved to provide
better communication at both the local and state level. Lastly, Craig invited
the membership to visit the new Statewide LAUC Cultural Diversity website

2. Update on the proposal to revise the Librarian Series:

CVOC's have endorsed the proposal. Notification of several other
groups must now happen:
University Committee on Academic Personnel
Academic Council
It is expected to be pro forma, but stay tuned.
There is an effort to fast track the proposal to be effective
July 1, 2000.

The collective bargaining process is still on their own timeline
with an Memorandum of Understanding that is effective until July 1,
2000. Union members have received the proposal as LAUC members but
not as a union communication.

Barbara went through the proposal summary, including the old and new
scale. The transition plan was also discussed. The main assumptions
are that the transition be fair with no long or short term financial
disadvantage and that rank (not necessarily step) be preserved. The
transition will take place at the individual's next review cycle after
the plan is fully approved.

Questions and discussions of the proposal and transition included
concerns about timing of the proposal and transition. Seeing as the
proposal only considers non-represented employees, should things move
ahead and potentially bifurcate the series while the represented
employees wait for union movement? Brian asked for input on this
issue to bring to the 11/19 UL meeting. The general impression was
that movement is good, but the split of the series should not be taken
lightly. Based on outcomes, the transition could occur as early as
this review cycle with moves to the new scale taking effect July

3. SB 645

Governor Davis has signed SB 645 which will lead to a fair share
charge to all non-union/represented employees. The share will not
exist current union dues and an 80% figure is expected. This will
take effect no sooner than 1/1/00. Contact Michael Melman, Director
of Labor Relations for more information at ext. 42810.

4. Upcoming Review Cycle

LHR will send out official review packets 11/17. For an update on
changes and an orientation to the process there will be a meeting on
12/1 at 2pm in the Suess Room. A request from Maureen and Debbie to
pay attention to the calendar was made. Last year only one review was
turned in on time.

5. Assembly

Harold Colson, Amy Boutros and Barbara Slater will be the SD
delegation to the Fall Assembly in Santa Cruz.