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August 1998 Minutes

LAUC Executive Board transition meeting
August 10, 1990
Special Collections Conference Room

Present: Leslie Abrams, Karen Cargille, Lynda Claassen, Patricia Cruse, Sam
Dunlap (recorder), Craig Haynes, Richard Lindemann, Barbara Slater, Reinhart
Sonnenburg, Dawn Talbot, Victoria Williamson

I. Committee appointments were approved, with the exception of Christy Hightower
for Scholarly Communication WWW Editorial Board. Christy will be appointed to
the local Research & Professional Development committee. Barbara will ask
Esteban Valdez if he will consider remaining UCSD's local/state conduit of
information for the Cultural Diversity Committee.

II. There was general agreement that the LAUC mentor plan (or "buddy" system)
should be revived. There will be a call for volunteers.

III. We will arrange a welcome social for new librarians, and to introduce them
to their LAUC buddies. Richard Lindemann will organize.

IV. Barbara will plan executive board meetings and general LAUC membership
meetings and schedule rooms. General membership meetings will remain on the 3rd
Tuesday of every other month, beginning with September 22. Executive board
meetings will be changed (from 3:30-5pm the second Tuesday of the month) to the
second Thursday of the month from 10:10am until noon, or until we are done,
whichever is first.

- a suggestion to have regular LAUC socials
- a suggestion to continue presentation at meetings, if the agenda allows
- Barbara will ask Systems to update the LAUC Executive Board mailing list