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Table Tents in the Library for Non-Library Groups

The following policies govern the placement of table tents in the Library by non-Library groups:

  •  The Library must approve, in advance, all requests for table tenting in the Library.
  • Requests will be considered only from UC San Diego-affiliated academic entities.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny any requests.
  • All requests must be submitted to at least 15 days prior to any desired table tent placement.
  • Requests or dates that conflict/compete with Library efforts will not be approved.
  • Approved table tents will be permitted for a maximum of one month, on dates to be arranged in coordination with the Library.
  • Table tents from only one outside group will be permitted simultaneously.
  • Staff from the requesting entity is responsible for putting out approved table tents in the appropriate locations and for collecting all tents by the end of the designated period.
  • A maximum of 130 table tents is permitted, in the following locations:
    • Geisel Library 1st Floor East: 10
    • Geisel Library 2nd Floor East (East Commons): 20
    • Geisel Library 2nd Floor West (West Commons): 20
    • Geisel Library 1st Floor West (Brody Space): 20
    • Geisel Library 6th Floor: 30
    • WongAvery Library 2nd Floor: 30

As an alternative to table tenting, bulletin boards for Campus Postings appear in Geisel East (2nd Floor) and near the entrance to WongAvery Library. Approved postings are limited to those affiliated with a recognized campus group, including campus/student organizations, campus units/departments, academic disciplines & academic topics, and campus events & activities. Staff from non-Library entities may place and remove postings meeting these criteria without prior review or approval.

Send inquiries and requests to