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Computer and Internet Use Policy

  • Users may not maliciously access, alter, damage, or destroy any computer system, network, program, or data.
  • The Library has an obligation to maintain a welcoming, comfortable, safe, and harassment-free environment for library patrons and for university employees. Usage of library computers must support such an environment.
  • In keeping with the spirit of UC San Diego's Principles of Community, we expect library users to be guided by courtesy, sensitivity, and respect for others when accessing and viewing Internet material and using the library computers in general.
  • Computers may not be used for commercial purposes or in violation of state or federal laws or applicable university policies.
    • Users should observe applicable intellectual property laws, including United States copyright laws.
    • Users must adhere to electronic resource licenses, agreements, and guidelines, including those limiting or prohibiting systematic download, duplication, transfer, sale, or commercial exploitation.
    • Users must follow all applicable restrictions and guidelines on use of equipment and electronic resources.
  • InfoStations are intended for research, scholarship, and other academic work. While the UCSD Library supports open access to the Internet, employees may ask a library user to vacate an InfoStation for the following reasons:
    • Priority is given to UC faculty, staff and students, and those using government resources
    • A 30-minute time limit may be imposed when others are waiting 
    • Use of InfoStations for chat room messaging; Instagram, Facebook, and other social media communications; games; and commerce is not permitted
  • Also see the Library's Use and Conduct Policies.

Revised January 2023