Library Use & Conduct Policies

  • General Behavior
  • Facility Use
  • Collection Use
  • Children's Library Use
  • Enforcement & Reporting
  • Additional Policies in Effect

The UC San Diego Library seeks to provide all users with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment promoting intellectual exploration and learning, access to well-managed and diverse library collections, and the help of knowledgeable staff. The following Use & Conduct Policies are intended to ensure a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users.

These Use & Conduct Policies are applicable to all library users
and are enforceable by all library staff.

A. General Behavior: Users are expected to respect other users and library staff.

  1. Disruptive activity or any behavior interfering with ordinary library use or operation, likely to endanger others, or that other patrons might reasonably find disruptive is not permitted.
  2. Interfering with a library employee's performance of duties, including through verbal abuse, intimidation, or any type of harassment is not permitted.

B. Facility Use: Library facilities are intended for ordinary library activities and those sponsored by the Library. Users are expected to respect library facilities.

    Users may not
  1. Enter or remain in unauthorized areas of library facilities at any time or in any space when closed to the public. Users must leave the building at closing, during emergencies/evacuations, and whenever so requested by library staff or public safety personnel. During designated times, access to and use of library facilities may be restricted to UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students with valid campus ID.
  2. Obstruct access to study facilities, workstations, or library materials.
  3. Vandalize, deface, damage, or destroy library buildings, furniture, or equipment.
  4. Tamper with fire systems.
  5. Film or photograph library users or employees without their knowledge and consent.
  6. Bring animals into library buildings, with the exception of service animals assisting individuals with disabilities. No other animals, including pets, emotional support animals, and therapy animals, are permitted. See also Library Guidelines for Individuals with Service Animals.
  7. Bring bikes and motorized carts into library buildings. Other than strollers & vehicles used by persons with disabilities, wheeled vehicles, including skateboards, are not permitted in the library unless carried as personal property.
  8. Engage in unauthorized posting or distribution of material, or vending, peddling, panhandling, or solicitation of merchandise/services in library facilities. Chalking and distribution of material including literature within library perimeters* is not permitted.
  9. Exhibit personal hygiene or body odor that unreasonably interferes with ordinary library use and operation.
  10. Use library areas for prolonged sleeping or as living quarters. Camping equipment and furniture arrangements designed for sleeping are not permitted.
  11. Bring firearms, other weapons, fireworks, or other dangerous devices/substances into library buildings.
  12. Smoke (including electronic cigarettes) or use any form of tobacco in library facilities, near library entrances, or as prohibited by campus policy.
  13. Leave personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft of personal property.

C. Collection Use: Users are expected to respect library collections.

    Users must
  1. Check out or obtain proper authorization before removing library materials, equipment, or property from library facilities.
  2. Refrain from deliberately misplacing library materials to prevent or limit access by others.
  3. Return library materials on or before the due date or upon request by the Library.
  4. Handle library materials gently, such that they are not mutilated, defaced, or damaged.
  5. Observe applicable intellectual property and copyright laws and electronic resource licenses.

D. Children's Library Use

The Library's collection is intended to support the teaching and research needs of UC San Diego faculty, students, and staff. Moreover, the Library supports open Internet access, permitting potential viewing of materials unsuitable for children. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult at all times. Parents are responsible for children's use of the Library and their access to electronic resources.

E. Enforcement & Reporting

Library use is a privilege, not a right. Violations of these policies will be reported and consequences enforced. Anyone violating these policies may be asked to leave the Library and refused future access. Such persons may be subject to warning, suspension, prosecution, forfeiture, requests for restitution, civil fines, and/or criminal penalties.

If an individual or group is not adhering to library policies, individual users may point it out. Concerns, problems, or policy violations may also be reported to any library staff member. Non-immediate issues or comments may also be reported via the library suggestions form.

F. Additional Policies in Effect: The Library's Use & Conduct Policies supplement university policies and federal, state, and local laws. The Library also upholds and enforces the following policies:

* Geisel Library's perimeter begins at the Silent Tree on Library Walk and also includes the external forum level between Floors 2 and 4.

Library Use & Conduct Policies (PDF version)

Revised January 2017