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Filming and Photography at the Library

The following information is for those requesting to take commercial and non-commercial photographs or video at Geisel Library or Sally T. WongAvery Library (including interior, exterior or collections held by the Library).

Library users and staff must retain complete and full access to all collections and resources in the area (including sidewalks) in which you are filming, without delay or obstruction. Please be alert and responsive to those who need access, but may be intimidated by cameras or other equipment and may be reluctant to interrupt.

Filming or photographing of Library users and employees without their knowledge and consent is prohibited. Signage must be posted in the area(s) in which you plan to film in advance. Library staff can assist with creating filming signage once details have been confirmed.

Film crews cannot move/remove any Library signage, artwork, exhibit materials, computers, screens, or any other technology without permission. If any of this is required, it must be arranged and approved in advance and be facilitated by a Library staff member.

For more information about the UC San Diego Library's Use and Conduct Policies, visit

Commercial Requests:

UC San Diego occasionally facilitates commercial filming projects at various locations on campus, including Library facilities, and requires advance arrangement and approval by the University Communications Office. For more information, visit the university's website or contact Daniel Rothbauer (

Non-Commercial Requests:

Incidental, personal or course-specific filming and photography is permitted in Library facilities, subject to the Use & Conduct Policies and any posted restrictions covering specific areas or exhibits.

Non-commercial filming or photography requests must be submitted in advance for authorization and approval to use Library locations (including Geisel Library's external Forum Level). If the filming request is for Geisel Library, please fill out this form. Contact Jade Johnston ( with WongAvery Library filming requests or questions about Library filming policies.

For the Geisel Library Forum Level:

If the Library’s Senior Leadership Team approves your non-commercial filming request, these are the Library guidelines that you will need to abide by when filming/photographing on Geisel Library’s Forum Level:

  • You cannot block access to emergency exits, walkways, entrances, or stairs on the Forum Level.
  • Filming/photography is only permitted outside the building unless prior approval has been given to film/photograph inside the building.
  • No heavy equipment may be brought on the Forum Level; vehicles may not drive onto the Forum Level or surrounding grassy areas for loading/unloading or any other purpose.
  • The building’s hours for that week are posted online. Access cannot be given to the inside of the building beyond these hours. You are permitted to use the restrooms inside the building during open hours. If the Library is closed, the nearest restrooms require a walk to the Price Center or Warren College. There is a café inside as well where you can purchase food and drinks during open hours.
  • Noise travels easily from the Forum Level into the building, so we kindly ask that you do your best to keep a low profile and refrain from creating loud noises
  • There are only four standard electrical outlets on the Forum Level – one on each side of the building’s core. Any extension cords used must be properly secured and covered to avoid tripping hazards.
  • There are four sets of tables and chairs on the Forum Level. These may be moved if you return them to their original location.
  • All trash must be cleaned up at the end of the shoot. There is one trash bin and one recycling bin on the Forum Level, so if you anticipate an excessive amount of trash/recycling you will need to make arrangements to collect and haul the trash away.