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  • Adele Barsh

    Subject Specialist for Business
  • Sarah Buck Kachaluba

    Subject Specialist for Latin American Studies and Iberian Languages and Literatures
  • Xi Chen

    Subject Specialist for Chinese Studies
  • Marlayna Christensen

    University Archivist
  • Tim Chu

    First Year Experience Librarian
  • Lynda Claassen

    Special Collections & Archives
  • Harold Colson

    Subject Specialist for International Relations and US History
  • Penny Coppernoll-Blach

    Subject Specialist for Pharmacy and Ophthalmology
  • Lia Friedman

    Subject Specialist for: Communication, Critical Gender Studies, Visual Arts
  • Cristela Garcia-Spitz

    Subject Specialist for Pacific Island Studies
  • Crystal Goldman

    Library Instruction Coordinator
  • Kymberly Goodson

    Director for Spaces, Lending, & Access
  • Karen Heskett

    Subject Specialist for Medicine and Global Public Health
  • Deborah Kegel

    Subject Specialist for Astronomy, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics
  • Stephanie Labou

    Data Services Librarian
  • Jeffery Loo

    Clinical Librarian
  • Sue McGuinness

    Academic Engagement and Liaison Services Program Director
  • Nina Mamikunian

    Subject Specialist for Literature, Theatre and Dance, and Curator for the Archive for New Poetry
  • Lisa Martin

    Instruction Services and Subject Specialist for Economics
  • Christina Mayberry

    Subject Specialist for Bioengineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Structural Engineering
  • David Minor

     Program Director for Research Data Curation
  • Hyo Jin Moon

    Subject Specialist for Japanese Studies and Korean Studies
  • Alanna Aiko Moore

    Head of Community Engagement and Inclusion and Ethnic Studies Librarian
  • Zemirah Ngow

    Subject specialist for Bioinformatics, Psychiatry, and Physician Assistant program, Life & Health Sciences Collection Strategist
  • Reid Otsuji

    Data Curation Specialist and Faculty Liaison Librarian for Research Data Curation
  • Jenny Reiswig

    Subject Specialist for Biological Sciences and Neurosciences
  • Amanda Roth

    Subject Specialist for Writing Programs and Psychology, Reference Services Coordinator
  • Sibyl Schaefer

    Digital Preservation Librarian and Chronopolis Program Manager
  • Annelise Sklar

    Subject Specialist for Political Science, Law & Society, and International Government Information
  • Kelly L Smith

    Subject Specialist for US Government Information, Urban Studies & Planning, Environmental Policy, Environmental Studies Minor, San Diego Government Information, and California Government Information
  • Michael Smith

    Subject Specialist for Maps, Philosophy, Religion, and Jewish Studies
    Consultant, Data & GIS Lab
  • Allegra Swift

    Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • Farshad Sonboldel

    World History and Cultures Librarian

  • Natalie Tagge

    Research Advisory Services and Subject Specialist for Cognitive Science
  • Dominique Turnbow

    Education Studies, Human Development Science, Specialist for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Teri Vogel

    Subject Specialist for Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering and NanoEngineering
  • Amy Work

    GIS Librarian
  • Ho Jung Yoo

    Curation Analyst and Project Lead for Research Data Curation