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Administrative Contacts

This page will help you find UC San Diego Library administrative contacts by library program or service. Search the UC San Diego Directory if you know the name of a person, but don't know their unit.

Library Administration

Contact Phone Number
Erik Mitchell
Audrey Geisel University Librarian
Heather Hernandez
Chief Administrative Officer - Enterprise Services
Dani Cook
Associate University Librarian - Learning and User Experience
Roger Smith
Associate University Librarian - Scholarly Resources and Services
Nikki Kolupailo
Program Director - Communications & Engagement
Jennifer Brown
Director of Development
Elena Pernicano
Executive Assistant

Library Units

Library Program or Service Contact Phone Number
Academic Engagement & Learning Services Sue McGuinness 858-534-1200
Business & Employee Services Tami Stein 858-822-0479
Collection Development & Management David Schmitt 858-534-3221
Communications & Engagement Nikki Kolupailo 858-534-0667
Content Acquisition and Resource Sharing Laura Schwartz 858-534-1267
Course Reserves Elizabeth Briceno 858-822-0208
Customer Experience (Service Desk) Colleen Garcia 858-822-5725
Development Jennifer Brown 858-822-4554
East Asia Collection
Chinese Collection
Japanese & Korean Collections
Xi Chen 858-534-2894
Events & Exhibits Jen Cormier 858-534-0533
Geographic Information Services/Maps Amy Work 858-534-0676
Interlibrary Loan Judea D'Arnaud 858-534-3011
Library Facilities Services Jason Schulz 858-534-0874
Library Human Resources Heather Hernandez 858-534-0733
Library Safety & Security Lori Flor 858-210-0323
Mandeville Special Collections Lynda Claassen 858-534-2533
Metadata Services Aislinn Sotelo 858-534-6766
Research Data Curation David Minor 858-534-5104
Scholarship Tools and Methods Heather Briston 858-534-7782
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives Lynda Claassen 858-534-2533
Spaces, Lending, & Access Kymberly Goodson 858-534-1271
Special Collections & Archives Lynda Claassen 858-534-2533
Technology & Digital Experience Tim Marconi 858-534-1287
University Archives Lynda Claassen 858-534-2533
Virtual Reference Coordinator Deborah Kegel 858 534-1215


Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary Loan Services
UC San Diego, Geisel Library
9500 Gilman Drive 0175A
La Jolla, CA 92093-0175

Learning Services

Research Data Curation

Main Mailing Address

UC San Diego Library
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0175-G
La Jolla, CA 92093-0175