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Subject Librarians

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Table of Librarians by Subject
Subject Contact
Aerospace Engineering Christina Mayberry
Allied Health Professionals Penny Coppernoll-Blach
Animal Welfare Jenny Reiswig
Anthropology Sarah Buck Kachaluba
Archaeology Sarah Buck Kachaluba
Architecture Ask Us
Archive for New Poetry Nina Mamikunian
Artist Books Lynda Claassen
Arts Lia Friedman
Astronomy Deborah Kegel
Atmospheric Sciences Ask Us
Biochemistry Teri Vogel
Bioinformatics Zemirah Ngow
Biology Jenny Reiswig
Bioengineering Christina Mayberry
Business Adele Barsh
California, San Diego, & the History of the West (archives) Lynda Claassen
California Government Information Kelly L. Smith
Chemical Engineering Teri Vogel
Chemistry Teri Vogel
Chinese Studies Xi Chen
Classical Studies Farshad Sonboldel
Climate & Climatology Ask Us
Clinical Medicine Jeffery Loo
Cognitive Science Natalie Tagge
Communication Lia Friedman
Computer Science Deborah Kegel
Critical Gender Studies Lia Friedman
Culinary History Lynda Claassen
Culture, Art, & Technology (CAT) Amanda Roth
Data Science Stephanie Labou
Data Services Stephanie Labou
Digital Images Ask Us
Digital Scholarship/Humanities Ask Us
Dimensions of Culture (DOC) Amanda Roth
Earth Sciences Ask Us
Ecology Jenny Reiswig
Economics Lisa Martin
Education Studies Dominique Turnbow
Electrical Engineering Deborah Kegel
Environmental Policy, Environmental Studies Minor Kelly L. Smith
Environmental Science Ask Us
Ethnic Studies Alanna Aiko Moore
Eurasian Studies Farshad Sonboldel
European Studies Farshad Sonboldel
Film & Video Collections Ask Us
Film Studies Lia Friedman
French Language & Literature Ask Us
Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry Ask Us
Geography and Environment Mike Smith
Geology and Seismology Ask Us
Geophysics Ask Us
German Language & Literature Farshad Sonboldel
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Amy Work
Global Policy & Strategy Harold Colson
Global South Studies Farshad Sonboldel
History of Science Teri Vogel
Human Developmental Sciences Dominique Turnbow
International Government Information Annelise Sklar
International Relations Harold Colson
International Studies Annelise Sklar
Italian Language & Literature Farshad Sonboldel
Japanese Studies Jin Moon
Jewish Studies Mike Smith
Korean Studies Jin Moon
Latin American Studies Sarah Buck Kachaluba
Law Annelise Sklar
Linguistics Ask Us
Literature in English Nina Mamikunian
Making of the Modern World (MMW) Amanda Roth
Manuscripts Lynda Claassen
Maps Mike Smith
Maps: Ocean, Bathymetric, & Hydrographic Charts Ask Us
Marine Biology Ask Us
Marine Sciences Ask Us
Mathematics & Statistics Deborah Kegel
Materials Science Teri Vogel
Mechanical Engineering Christina Mayberry
Medicine Karen Heskett
Medicine (Clinical) Jeffery Loo
Meteorology Ask Us
Middle East Studies Farshad Sonboldel
Muir College Writing Program (MCWP) Amanda Roth
Music Ask Us
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Teri Vogel
Neurosciences Jenny Reiswig
Nursing & Allied Health Penny Coppernoll-Blach
Oceanography Ask Us
Ophthalmology Penny Coppernoll-Blach
Pacific Island Studies Cristela Garcia-Spitz
Pathology Karen Heskett
Patents Ask Us
Pharmacy & Pharmacology Penny Coppernoll-Blach
Philosophy Mike Smith
Physics  Deborah Kegel
Physical Oceanography Ask Us
Physicians Assistant Education Program Zemirah Ngow
Political Science Annelise Sklar
Psychiatry Zemirah Ngow
Psychology Amanda Roth
Public Health Karen Heskett
Rare Books Lynda Claassen
Regenerative Medicine Ask Us
Religion Mike Smith
Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Farshad Sonboldel
San Diego Government Information Kelly L. Smith
Science/STEM Education Ask Us
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Dominique Turnbow
Scholarly Communication Allegra Swift
SIO Archives Lynda Claassen
Sociology Ask Us
South Asian Studies Ask Us
Southeast Asian Studies Harold Colson
Spanish & Portuguese Language & Literature Sarah Buck Kachaluba
Special Collections Lynda Claassen
Structural Engineering Christina Mayberry
Theatre & Dance Nina Mamikunian
United States Government Information Kelly L. Smith
United States History Harold Colson
UC San Diego Archives Lynda Claassen
Urban Studies & Planning Kelly L. Smith
Visual Arts Lia Friedman
Veterinary Sciences Jenny Reiswig
Weather Ask Us
World Literature Farshad Sonboldel

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