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Reservable Study Space

The Biomedical Library Building (BLB) is open for quiet study, during designated hours, by reservation only. It offers limited, controlled individual seating, eight individual computer workstations, two large tables for student-parents with up to three underage children, three self-serve WEPA printers, and a high-end book scanner. It does not offer group work or collaboration, group study rooms, access to collections, or library services. Please read the new policies and procedures below before making a reservation.  See the Library's COVID Services page for more information on the current Library services.  Please make a reservation only if you have observed all public health and UCSD travel guidelines.

How to Arrive for your Reservation:

Arrive for your reservation with your UC San Diego ID card, reservation confirmation, and campus health screening results ready to show at check-in. 

How to Reserve:

Use your usual campus login credentials to reserve a seat: Active Directory, Business Systems, or Single Sign On. This is usually your UC San Diego email address (without “”) and password.

First-Time Users:

Users should verify their email address (official campus address only) the first time they use the system. You'll get an email from campus or with the subject line "Please confirm your email address." Follow the link to verify; you will then get an email confirming your reservation. Confirmation emails are also the only way to cancel a reservation. No one will be allowed into BLB without showing a reservation confirmation email or text, valid UC San Diego ID card, and campus-issued health clearance.

While users can get confirmations by text without verifying an email address, text confirmations do not offer the full functionality (e.g., the ability to cancel a reservation) of emailed confirmations. It is better to verify your email address even if you plan on receiving future confirmations by text.


  • Are permitted for a maximum of three hours
  • Are permitted twice per day, per user, regardless of length
  • May be made up to two weeks in advance
  • Are required to use the high-end book scanner (reserve any seat without power)
  • Are required for entrance to BLB until further notice


Present a copy of your confirmation email/text, valid UC San Diego ID card, and campus-issued health clearance to Library staff at the BLB entrance. No one will be allowed to enter except during the time slot of their reservation, and must exit the building by the time their reservation is over.

Locating your seat:

  • Seats 100 - 114 are on the 1st Floor, seats 200 - 247 are on the 2nd Floor.
  • There is no open seating in BLB. Go directly to your reserved seat, grabbing wipes from nearby cleaning stations to clean your workspace, on arrival.
  • Restrooms are available only on the 1st floor.


  • ELIGIBILITY: Reservations limited to currently-enrolled, regular UC San Diego students, faculty, & staff with UC San Diego email address. Extension students are ineligible.
  • NO GROUP USE: With the exception of two family-friendly tables on 1st floor, seating is for individual study only.  There is no group study or collaboration in the BLB study space, and all study rooms are closed.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY:  These tables are for one adult and up to 3 of their underage children who live in the same household.  They are not for group study among students.  The family-friendly tables are only for student-parents who need to bring their underage children with them during their study reservations.
  • CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF: Users are responsible for using cleaning supplies from nearby stations to clean their workspace before sitting and before leaving. Common areas like stair railings and elevator buttons are cleaned throughout the day by staff, but workspaces are not. The entire building is cleaned once daily by Campus Custodial Services.
  • AFTER YOUR RESERVATION: Vacate your workspace after cleaning it, and exit the building by the end of your reservation time period.
  • MOVEMENT INSIDE THE LIBRARY: Adhere to one-way paths of travel, where marked. Where not marked, remain 6 feet away from other individuals. Maintain 6 feet of social distancing from others throughout your time in the building.
  • CREDENTIALS: Using false email addresses, phone numbers, or names, or bots will result in cancellation of reservations and possible referral to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • CANCELLATION: To cancel a reservation, click "click here to cancel" from the email that confirmed your reservation. Reservations cannot be cancelled from text messages.
  • BOOK SCANNER: To use the high-end book scanner only, reserve any seat without power.  Anyone with a seat reservation may use the scanner, first-come, first-served.  Please maintain social distancing while waiting for the scanner.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY: Users are responsible for personal property. Don't leave items unattended. The Library is not liable for loss/damage to personal property. Treat Library materials checked out to your account as personal belongings. You can be assessed overdue/replacement fees for lost/stolen materials.
  • NOISE: BLB is a quiet study area. Please silence mobile devices.
  • LIBRARY CLOSING: Clean and vacate your seat 10 minutes before building closing time.
  • CHILDREN AND SERVICE ANIMALS: Do not leave children or animals alone at any time.
  • RESERVATION DATA RETENTION: The Library maintains reservation data, including email address, for 30 days in case contact tracing becomes necessary and is requested by the relevant authorities for public health purposes.
  • SAFETY GUIDELINES: Please make a reservation only if you have observed all public health and UCSD travel guidelines.
Violation of these or other applicable library policies may result in temporary or permanent suspension of access to library reservations.

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