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Exhibits & Special Events


“Leo Szilard’s Legacy: Science in the Public Interest”

Leo Szilard (1898-1964) was a scientist best known for his pioneering work in nuclear physics, his participation in the Manhattan Project during World War II, and his opposition to the nuclear arms race in the postwar era. He was among the first to envision the nuclear chain reactions for energy and weapons, and his broadened research redefined basic concepts in molecular biology. Szilard drafted the letter Albert Einstein sent to President Franklin Roosevelt that prompted the Manhattan Project, led fellow scientists who opposed dropping atomic bombs on Japan, and created arms-control groups that continue to thrive. A selection of original materials from Szilard’s archive, held by the Library’s Special Collections & Archives, illustrates Szilard’s life in science and public policy.

Geisel West exhibition area, through December 9, 2023


Architectural presentation drawings of University of California, San Diego's main library

“Shaping A Library” is the inaugural exhibition in UC San Diego’s newly-renovated Geisel Library gallery space. Tracing the history of the Library’s site design process, construction, and expansion, 1965-1993, the exhibition draws on unique materials held by Special Collections & Archives. From William Pereira’s original spherical concept for the Library through Gunnar Birkerts’ glass-walled expansion, architectural drawings, photographs, and documents illustrate the creation of a campus monument.

Main floor, Geisel Library
15 September – 23 December, 2022


Dr. Seuss's Boids & Beasties
Permanent exhibition of Dr. Seuss's original drawings and sketches.
Geisel Library, main floor, near Seuss Room

20 September - 29 October 2021
Exhibition: "Welcome to UCSD: Triton Traditions"
Watermelon Drop, 1965

A selection of photographs, student newspapers, and UCSD memorabilia to give new students a taste of campus history.
Geisel Library, main floor, near Special Collections & Archives

1 November - 19 December 2021
Exhibition: "Gato Negro Ediciones: Contemporary Arts Publications from Mexico/Publicaciones de arte contemporáneo de México"
Exhibition-Gato Negro
Geisel Library, main floor, near Special Collections & Archives

8 September - 19 December 2021
Exhibition: "Other People’s Things"

Realia and other unexpected items, drawn from Special Collections & Archives.
Exhibition-Other People's Things
Geisel Library, main floor, hallway to Special Collections & Archives