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Send Files

Send data to, or receive data from, your collaborators anywhere in the world using the Library's large file transfer service at No account setup is necessary - just log in to RDL-share with your UCSD credentials. Files are encrypted in transit and stored temporarily, based on the expiration date you set. The file-size limit is 500 GB per message, but you can break up your data into multiple transmissions if your data exceed this limit.

Tips for Using RDL-Share Efficiently

  • Zip your files before uploading. Although not required, zipping can substantially reduce your upload time, which depends on both the total size of your files and the number of files you're uploading.
  • If possible, connect to an Ethernet cable to transfer the files. On a wired connection on campus, a 1 GB file may take up to 2 minutes to fully upload to RDL-share. Data transfer on wireless connections on campus can take 6 times longer than on wired connections.
  • If possible, upload the files from your local machine, rather than directly from a networked drive. The files will likely be copied to your local machine first if they are on a networked drive, and this can slow down your transfer considerably.
  • During transfer, a checksum is performed on the file(s) to ensure that the file sent matches the file uploaded. If a file is missing a checksum number in the message transmitted to the recipient, then the file was not processed correctly. You can receive a copy of the message by making sure the box next to "Send a copy to myself" on the message page is checked.
  • Request files from your collaborator by selecting "File Requests" from the menu bar at the top of the page. Then click the New File Request button to send them an email with a unique upload link.