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Gift Submission Form

Guidelines for Donating Materials to the UC San Diego Library

We accept on a selected basis:

  • Recently published books
  • Cultural materials such as art or archival material
  • Primary research materials that complement or enhance existing holdings
  • Datasets
  • Media (DVD and Blu-Ray)

We do not generally accept:

  • Medical, health sciences, or technical materials older than 5 years
  • Outdated textbooks
  • Popular books or reprints
  • Magazines or print journals
  • Vinyl sound recordings
  • Materials already in our collection
  • Materials in poor condition

For these specific formats, please contact:

Alternatives for donating materials UC San Diego Library does not accept:

  • Research materials may be of interest to other universities
  • San Diego Public Library (offers pick-up and drop-off services)
  • Charitable donations to Goodwill, Amvets, etc (may offer pick-up services and receipts for tax itemization)