Problems with VPN - Troubleshooting

Please note: Campus ITS discontinued the Proxy Server in July, 2017.  Accessing library resources is still possible using the VPN . Check out our online guide if you need instructions for finding and removing the proxy settings.  If you need instructions on setting up the VPN, please check out our page for VPN instructions.

Testing Your Configuration

Test your web browser at to see if you've properly configured the proxy or VPN.

  • Properly configured: The above link opens the PDF of "International Cooperation in Marine Sciences" by Roger Revelle.
  • Improperly configured: You cannot view the entire article.


Troubleshooting Tips

  • Clear the cache and cookies in your browser.
  • Try a different browser.
  • If using VPN AnyConnect or VPN EasyConnect, select allthruucsd, not split, for group.
  • The campus is instituting a two-step authentication process which will become mandatory at the end of January 2019. If you have already set this up, use the "2step-secured allthruucsd" option. Otherwise choose "allthruucsd"

Easy Connect Web VPN

  • Every night around 2 am the campus clears out the active sessions for VPN.  If you are working late, just disconnect VPN and restart the session.

Get Help

Contact the ITS Service Desk with questions about:

  • Your password.
  • Compatibility with your particular hardware/operating system/firewall setup.
  • Other technical questions relating to these configurations.