Who can use interlibrary loan (ILL) services?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) services are available to the following designated affiliates:

  • UC San Diego Undergraduate Students
  • UC San Diego Graduate Students
  • UC San Diego Faculty and Academic Members and their Proxy Library Card Holders
  • UC San Diego Non-Salaried Clinical Faculty
  • UC San Diego Staff
  • UC San Diego Managers & Senior Professionals (MSP) and Executive Series Employees
  • Immediate family (18+) of UC San Diego Faculty, Staff and Non-Salaried Clinical Faculty
  • Concurrently enrolled UC San Diego Extension Students

ILL services are not available to the following designated affiliates:

  • Community Borrowing Card Holders
  • Corporate Membership Participants
  • Extension Students and Faculty
  • UC San Diego Alumni
  • Other Groups by Special Arrangement
  • Other Courtesy Borrowing Card Holders

Please contact Interlibrary Loan with questions about eligibility.

How do I submit an ILL request?

ILL requests may be placed using the Citation Linker Form or the general request form.  Because ILL is intended to support university research, coursework, or UC job-related functions, requesting of recreational materials is discouraged.

How long does it take to receive items requested through ILL?

Processing and shipping times vary.  However, most loans can be obtained within two weeks and most articles can be obtained within 3 days of requesting.

Where can I see a list of items I requested through ILL?

To see a list of items requested through ILL go to My ILL Request and log in using the barcode on your UCSD ID, leave the PIN field blank and select UCSD as your home campus. 

How do I log into My ILL Requests?

  • Go to http://libraries.ucsd.edu/myillrequests
  • Library Card/Account: Your library card/account number begins with "21822" and can be found on the back of your UC San Diego ID card. Enter the 14-digit number without spaces.
  • PIN: Leave this blank; no password is required for UC San Diego.
  • Home Campus: Select UCSD.

If you experience difficulty using My ILL Requests or have any questions regarding your interlibrary loan requests please contact us at ill@ucsd.edu or (858)534-2528.

Note: Your session will automatically end after 15 minutes of inactivity. You will need to log in again to use My ILL Requests. 

How do I appeal an overdue ILL fine?

Use this form to submit an appeal for an ILL item. You may also submit the form from the workstation at the Geisel Front Desk.

Interlibrary loan items are subject to overdue, processing, and replacement fees if they are not returned on time. A $14.00 overdue fee is assessed for each item returned 1–30 days past its due date. After 30 days, unreturned items will be considered lost, and the borrower will be charged replacement and processing fees. Replacement costs are assessed individually per title.

The book strap attached to each ILL item should NOT be removed. A $10.00 replacement fee will be assessed for each book strap missing at the time of return.The information on the strap allows Library staff to identify and properly process non–UC San Diego material in an accurate and timely manner. To avoid overdue and/or replacement fees, never return an ILL item without its book strap.