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Strategic Planning Process

Throughout our strategic planning process that took place in the 2021-2022 academic year, we sought engagement from stakeholders across all levels of the university, including students, faculty, researchers, Library and university employees, campus leaders, campus and community partners, alumni and Library supporters. Feedback from these groups was collected through one-on-one interviews, focus groups, surveys and workshops.

Guiding Principles

  • Honor the UC San Diego Library history and legacy.
  • Be bold. This is an opportunity to set an example for what the future of libraries should become.
  • Be grounded in an honest assessment of our assets and strengths.
  • Engage with a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion lens. Encourage open dialogue and listen to input from ALL our stakeholders across campus.
  • Be curious. Be willing to explore new bold ideas.
  • Be respectful. We will celebrate individual perspectives.
  • Be engaging. Every Library stakeholder will have opportunities to engage throughout the process.
  • Assume positive intent of each other. We will trust that we will be honest and positive.
  • Create clear priorities and strategies to dedicate the resources and time needed to ensure future success.


Steering Committee

Reporting to the University Librarian, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee provided direction and leadership for the overall strategic planning process. It advised and supported the Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives’ (OSI) work coordinating the strategic planning process and served as a review group for draft documents and plans. The fourteen-person committee, led by two co-chairs, included individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The committee represented a mix of Library employees from a variety of classifications, as well as representatives for students, faculty and campus personnel.

Throughout the strategic planning process, the committee:

  • Developed draft recommendations for review and discussion
  • Supported the creation of an outcomes report from strategic work completed in 2015-2021
  • Provided input on the current strategic planning processes
  • Supported OSI’s work to gather and analyze input


Heather Hernandez
Chief Administrative Officer, Library Operations

Liz Miraglia
Metadata Services Assistant Program Director, Head of Books and Serials

Committee Members

  • Manu Agni
    Associated Students President
  • Rachel Almodovar
    Training & Organizational Development Coordinator
  • Ximena Garcia Arceo
    VP Campus Affairs
  • Isabel Encinas
    Resource Sharing Operational Manager
  • Mark Hanna
    Committee on the Library Chair
  • Mousqa Katawazi
    Spaces Lending & Access Assessment Specialist
  • Nikki Kolupailo
    Communications & Engagement Program Director
  • Tim Marconi
    Technology and Digital Experience Program Director
  • David Minor
    Research Data Curation Program Director
  • Erin O'Brien
    Administrative Support Team Supervisor
  • Jenny Reiswig
    Subject Specialist for Biological Sciences
  • Bredny Rodriguez
    Life and Health Sciences Collection Strategist; Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee Co-Chair
  • Jason Schulz
    Library Facilities Program Director
  • Laura Schwartz
    Arts & Humanities Collection Strategist; Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC-SD) Chair