Richard Schneider


Dr. Richard (Dick) S. Schneider obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UC, Berkeley, attended the Stanford University School of Business, and obtained a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from University of Wisconsin. He completed his post-doctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From 1967 to June 1983, Dr. Schneider was the Vice President and Founder of Syva Corporation, and then served as President of Biomedical Consulting Associates from 1983 to 1989. He served as Vice President of 3i Ventures Corporation, the Director of Landec Corp., an Advisor at Alliance Technology Ventures and as a General Partner at Domain Associates from October 1990 until his retirement in June 1999. Dr. Schneider served as a member and director of many boards and committees with Sonosite Inc., Pelion Venture Partners, and Pacific Horizon Ventures. He has been Director of Selective Genetics, Inc., AvanViva, Inc., Imagyn Medical, Inc., Sonosite Inc. and MitoKor. He acquired over 25 years of product development experience in the fields of medical devices and biotechnology, spent nearly 18 years as an executive with Syntex Corporation and related subsidiaries, and was involved with a career in capital that spans over 15 years.

Interview – July 9, 1997

Interviewed by Mark Jones, PhD

At the time of this interview, Dr. Schneider served as General Partner for Domain Associates.