Douglas Palmer


Dr. Palmer specializes in unconventional signal processing. He holds over a dozen U.S. patents and has founded or participated in the startup of many companies. He spent 8 years at the Stanford Linear Accelerator and then went on at Linkabit Corp, Western Research Corporation, became head of R&D Director at HNC Software, and then moved on to ThermoTrex, a subsidiary of ThermoElectron. In 1998 Dr. Palmer cofounded Path1 Network Technologies where he developed the world’s first video over IP systems. In 2002 he joined the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology at UCSD. He has been working with Intellisis since 2006. Dr. Palmer received his MPhil and Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from Yale University after earning his B.A. in physics from UCSD Revelle College.

Source: Intellisis Corporation

Interview – January 29, 2004

Interviewed by Joel West & Caroline Simard

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