Rory Moore


Rory Moore was the seed round investor, co-founder of Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: PSMI), one of the world’s leading providers of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for the wireless communications and aerospace markets. Peregrine ships millions of chips every week to cell phone manufacturers around the globe. Rory was also the seed round investor and founding CEO of Silicon Wave, Inc., now owned by Qualcomm. Silicon Wave produced the world’s first Bluetooth chips. Bluetooth chips are now in billions of devices from cell phones to automobiles. Rory was a cofounder of, Georg!a Now and Optical River. In 2009 Rory founded a pro-bono technology incubator called EvoNexus with Vice Admiral Walter Davis, a board member of CommNexus (now EvoNexus). A University of Michigan graduate, Rory continues to make angel investments in technology firms throughout the region. His other passions include unlimited aerobatic competition flying, scuba diving and surfing.

Source: EvoNexus website

Interview – April 19, 2016

Interviewed by Helen Weiss