Kim Blickenstaff


Mr. Blickenstaff earned an MBA from Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. He held various finance operations, research management, sales management, strategic planning and marketing positions with Hybritech Incorporated and Baxter Healthcare. Mr. Blickenstaff was Chairman, Chief Executive Office and co-founder of Biosite Incorporated. In August 2007, he joined Tandem Diabetes Care as President, Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member. Mr. Blickenstaff has been active in the medical device and diagnostics industry for over 15 years and served on the board of directors for innovative, young healthcare companies such as SenoRx and MediVation Incorporated.

Interview – June 4, 1997

Interviewed by Mark Jones, PhD

At the time of this interview, Mr. Blickenstaff served as the Chief Executive Officer for Biosite, Inc.