Titan Systems International Inc.


In 1981, Dr. Gene Ray, 11 year Executive at San Diego’s Science Applications International Corporation, co-founded Titan Systems International Inc., also headquartered in San Diego. The Titan Corporation started as a defense department contractor involved in areas such as wireless communications, navigational systems, information systems, and other high-technology projects. In 1985, Titan Systems acquired Electronic Memories & Magnetics Corp. of Encino, Los Angeles and was renamed The Titan Corporation. Dr. Ray remained CEO and president through the merger. In 1987, Titan went public and traded on the NYSE as TTN. Around this time, Titan began to divest business and diversify beyond telecommunications as defense spending was cut. This included building a facility in Denver for medical products sterilization and the first electronic pasteurization system for ground beef in Sioux City, Iowa. In 1999, Titan’s stock price increased 760 percent and was named the top performer on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, the Titan Corporation specializes in creating new technologies to launch innovative businesses specializing in areas like e-business, broadband telecommunications, and the pasteurization of food. The company has four major subsidiaries (Cayenta, SureBeam, Titan Wireless and Titan Systems). 

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