M/A-COM Linkabit


In 1979, San Diego’s Linkabit was sold to M/A-COM Technology Solutions, a Massachusetts based supplier of magnetrons to the U.S. Army Signal Corps. The Linkabit acquisition was completed for a price of $25 million. By 1983, Lawrence Gould, the M/A-COM Linkabit CEO was replaced by new management. In response, Linkabit founders Jacobs and Viterbi left the company. In 1986, General Instruments purchased the VideoCipher division of Linkabit, which was then sold to Motorola in 2000. Hughes Electronics bought M/A-COM’s telecommunications division in 1987, which eventually became Hughes Network Systems. M/A-COM Linkabit, formerly Linkabit, was sold off in three major parts totaling $365 million. After this disintegration, ex-Linkabit employees went directly on to found new telecommunication companies in San Diego, including ComStream, Sciteq, and Qualcomm. 

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