The Benefits of Backing Up and Archiving Old Websites

Information can disappear from the internet at any time making archiving your content important to keep top of mind. With web archiving, you can take a snapshot of a website’s look, feel and content, thereby providing your team with the ability to review the digital asset at any time, even after it has been taken down or has changed. Arching web content can also be used to analyze data, evaluate event success rates, review accountability and more. 

Since 2007, the Library has been actively archiving web content, amassing nearly 9TB of data since we first began this work. We use the Internet Archive’s “Archive-It” service, which includes a public portal listing all of the websites (or collections) we’ve captured to date. 

Our collections are incredibly diverse and range from various campus departments to specific subject areas like Chinese studies, local government, and Latin American studies. Some of our most active collections are University Archives and our collection on San Diego’s COVID-19 response. You can also find old Library sites, which at one point hosted some of our past projects and archival work. 

If you are interested in our web archive services, please contact Digital Archivist Tori Maches or visit UC San Diego’s Archive-it public portal.