Love Data Week 2020: In-person Data Resources at Geisel Library

Today is the final day of Love Data Week and a good time to talk about resources that are available to help support the “middle” of the research life cycle. If you are wondering how the UC San Diego Library can help with your research or class project, the Data & GIS Lab in Geisel Library is here for you. The lab is the place to get specialized, hands-on assistance with data and GIS software and analysis. 

Student assistants are available Monday through Friday to answer quick questions or provide in-depth consultations on a variety of analytical and visualization tools for geospatial, numeric, and textual data. Assistants can also provide an orientation to the lab, including hours, uses, hardware, and software. No appointments required.

In addition, the Digital Media Lab (DML) is available to support other types of data manipulation, including 3D modeling, images, video, and sound editing. DML staff is available for one-on-one help designing, creating, or troubleshooting media projects. Plus, did you know that the DML had a 3D printer, 3D scanner, and VR headsets that UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students can access and use for free? Yep, pretty cool, right?

Thanks for following along with us through Love Data Week 2020. We look forward to helping you discover and utilize the vast data available to you. Questions? Reach out to Data Science Librarian Stephanie Labou.

Image courtesy of NESA by Makers on Unsplash.